VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Review

by Robb Sutton
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After some final tweaks, I have my at home office setup finished. My office is visible from the entry walkway of our house so it is really important that everything look clean 24/7. Any wire or clutter is immediately noticeable so we can not have any of that at all. So what were these final changes…

Today, I want to talk about the one item that made the biggest overall difference and that is the VIVO Dual Monitor mount for my two 4k LG panels. Let’s get into the specs.

Specs on the VIVO Dual Monitor Mount

  • COMPATIBILITY – Dual monitor mount fitting two screens 13” to 27” in size and 22 lbs in weight each with 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes
  • FULL ARTICULATION – Adjustable arm offers +80° to -90° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the center pole. Monitor can be placed in portrait or landscape shapes
  • DESK CLAMP – Mounts to the back of your desk (up to 4” thick) via a heavy-duty C-clamp or optional grommet mount
  • INTEGRATED CABLE MANAGEMENT – Keep your power and AV cables clean and organized with detachable cable clips on the arms and center pole
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Mounting your monitors is a simple process with detachable VESA bracket plates. We provide a step-by-step manual and the necessary tools & hardware for assembly

Why the VIVO Dual Monitor Mount?

I have been wanting to get a single mount for my dual LG 4k panels for quite a long time. A single mount for the monitors drastically cleans up desk space by removing the bulky stock monitor mounts that take up a lot of much needed desk space. The LG mounts were also white/silver which stuck out like a sore thumb looking at the desk.

By going to a single mount that is black, the stand really blends into the background and does not become a focal point of the desk. You also get the added benefit of more desk space when you do not have the stock stands sitting on the surface.

When I went looking for a mount, I had some very specific needs for a stand.

The Mount Had to be Low Profile

My desk sits up against our pallet wall in my office. I could not use some of the articulating stands that require space behind the desk to get optimal positioning. I needed to be able to almost keep the desk flush against the wall.

The Mount Had To Be Simplistic and Symmetrical

Ideally, I wanted only a single tube visible from the stands. A lot of the hydraulic arm options have offset arms that would be visible. That not only would kick off my OCD constantly but it wouldn’t look clean enough for my needs. I do not need a lot of movement/rotation as my monitors stay in the landscape position and together 99.9% of the time. It was more important that the mount be stable and the monitors be fixed with the cleanest look possible (so it also had to be black).

It Had To Be A Good Value buy ALSO Good Quality

Monitor stands have a WIDE range of pricing. You can get everything from a 15 dollar China special all the way up in to the several hundreds of dollars. I wanted something that fit my needs without breaking the bank. My 27’s are OLED and not heavy so all of the stands met the weight requirement. I need a good, minimalistic mount with great value.

Review: VIVO Dual Monitor Stand

After some searching around on Amazon, I landed on the VIVO Dual Monitor Stand. At $39.95 and over 20,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars, it made it to the top of the list quickly as it fit a lot of needs right away.

  • The design was symmetrical so I would only have one tube visible on my desk.
  • It accommodated two 27 inch monitors.
  • Installation would be quick and easy on my Uplift Desk.
  • It had same day shipping!

The install on the mount was very straight forward. I was able to get everything installed (outside of cable management) in about 15 minutes. I kept all of the bolts tightened just enough until I got the monitors at the exact height and spacing I wanted. Then…I tightened everything down and was good to go.

In my application, the two LG monitors are the same panel but different models (due to rear IO). I did end up having to use the height adjustment in the rear to get them level but that wasn’t a big deal at all. The included cable management is pretty minimal so I did find myself adding a zip tie or two to really keep the wires behind the mounting tube. The base was easy to install and everything is really secure.

Where this mount really shines is for applications where you are not going to be moving your monitors a lot. I will rarely go into portrait mode or even space the monitors out. If I was going to move the monitors a lot, I would look into one of the assisted arm mounts to make that process easier. This stand will do that but it isn’t as easy as it would be on those other models. So it is a nice feature to have if you rarely need to do it.

Overall, it has been one of my favorite additions to my home office setup due to the looks, space savings and value. It is hard to argue a $40 stand that gives that much positive experience in return. It really completes the entire look and declutters the desk better than anything else I have tried previously when running dual 27 inch monitors. If you are someone that is going to need a lot of adjustment, needs to move the monitors a lot or are running really heavy panels (think iMac heavy), I would probably look into some of the hydraulically assisted mounts. For someone who really just needs to get their monitors off the desk and onto a single mount…this has been perfect.

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Review
The Verdict
If you are looking for a minimalistic dual monitor stand that can hold 2 lightweight 27" panels, the VIVO is hard to beat for the price. If you need to move your monitors a lot or have heavier monitors, it might not be for you.
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The Good
Great value at $39.95
Fits up to 27" monitors
Easy install and setup
Minimalistic design great for home offices
The Bad
Not good for those that want to move their monitors a lot
Minimal cable management
Might not be good for heavier monitor setups
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