Uplift Standing Desk Review – Adjustable Standing Desk

by Robb Sutton

I am now using an Uplift standing desk. I first started looking into stand up desks early last year. My leg has poor blood flow thanks to an injury and very large blood transfusion. It isn’t recommended that I sit for long periods of time and I even have to stand at least once every hour on flights these days.

Then my wife and I decided we wanted to redo my home office to something that is more pleasing to the eye by moving the location of my LG monitor. A couple of quick measurements later and my 72″ Uplift Desk was ordered.

Uplift Standing Desk Review

The Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Uplift is probably the most well known brand name in the standing desk industry. For my desk setup we went with the regular V2 with black legs, memory control panel , rubberwood dark brown top and the wire management accessory. Overall, the pricing ends up in the middle range of their desk setups mainly due to the size. When you start getting into some of the premium wood options, you can really jack up the price.

I did decide not to opt for the commercial version that adds $60 to the price and adds a crossbar (among other little differences). Both versions can hold 355 lbs (you can even add an under desk hammock!), move at 1.57″ a second unless you are super loaded down and at 50 db you can barely hear it. You get free shipping and a 7 year warranty along with a 30 day free trial option.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Assembling the Uplift Standing Desk

If you know how to turn a wrench…assembly should be a breeze. Do keep in mind though that the components are heavy. If you are smaller or can’t lift heavy objects…get some help. Most of the leg bolts are in semi-tough to reach spots so for everything except the screws…plan on using the provided hex keys which can be annoying at times. It took me about an hour to put together even with messing with the camera for this review…so overall not bad.

I did opt to get the basic wire management and I am glad I did. I used the provided zip ties and wire holders to tuck everything under the desk. The only wires you can see are incased in a plastic band so it looks like a single cable coming down from the desk (also included in that accessory package). After I shoved everything was shoved where it needed to go…it ended up looking very clean. I would like to figure out something for the main cable though.

Setting up the memory control pad is simple. You just set it to the height you like…hit M…hit the number you want to use…done. The preset is then saved.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Uplift Standing Desk Review

Visually the desk looks fantastic in the house. The rubberwood top matches the look of the room perfectly and the black legs just disappear which is exactly what I was looking for. Setup and install really can’t get much easier and they have the packing/shipping down to a science. It feels like a quality item during the unboxing process.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

The quality of the top is exactly what I was expecting and nice for a $0 upgrade. While it would be nice to have one of the thicker wood options…their markup is pretty steep. You would be better off getting the legs only…which is available…and getting your own desktop.

Pricing wise the desk falls in a very similar window with other popular models of standing desks. I find that Uplift has a better warranty and a lot more accessories. For me, I prefered the desktop and the leg design of the Uplift which is why we ultimately decided on one.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

How does the Uplift perform?

What really surprised me is the stability of the desk. I am 6’2″ so in standing mode it has to be pretty high. There is little to no wobble even at full extension with the amount of weight I currently have on the desk. Granted…it isn’t that much weight though with only a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse.

The actuation of the legs is very quiet and accurate. I am really glad I got the switch with the memory buttons. That makes it a lot easier to get the desk to exactly where it needs to be every time.

I have also found that I really like working standing up. Interestingly enough…if feels less lazy. I don’t know how to really describe it…but I feel more productive. Maybe I am just more attentive because I am not sitting in my really comfortable Amazon chair.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Any complaints with the Uplift Standing Desk?

If I had one real complaint it would be the main wires coming down from the desk. I really wish there was some way to run down the legs instead of down the center of the desk. For such a clean looking setup, it can be an eyesore. They do sell “privacy panels” that you could hide it behind but I really don’t want to cover up our pallet wall. I just feel like that would hurt more than help. I am going to try out several different options to see if it will work outside of just going down the center.

Uplift Desk Review - V2 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

So what do I think?

I am extremely happy with the desk and how it provides me the ability to work while standing. It is better for my health and has ironically made me more efficient at the same time. Outside of the one wire issue…there is really nothing to be unhappy with.

Buy yours here! –> https://amzn.to/3bgpN0E

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Pablo June 24, 2020 - 8:37 pm

The desk looks great! What brand/model are those speakers? Do you recommend them?

Robb Sutton July 24, 2020 - 4:13 pm

They are the Presonus Eris E3.5. They have worked out great so far for the price. https://amzn.to/301nStz

Matt January 1, 2021 - 7:35 pm

Any chance we can get a well lit view of the dark rubberwood top? Looking to see it under more natural lighting (it’s hard to tell with the multi-colored lights what it actually looks like).


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