I was driving with my wife yesterday talking about blogging and why some people are successful with it and others are not (I know…stimulating conversation for a wife to listen to…she puts up with a lot being married to me). After thinking out loud for about 15 minutes, it hit me like a ton of bricks. There is something that every single successful entrepreneur does that other people that do not realize this success never do. There is one common theme that runs throughout people’s lives…both professionally and personally…that almost guarantees success…or failure. But, it is a requirement for success.

You Have To Jump Into The Deep End

Remember when you were a kid learning to swim? If you don’t, think back to the last time you were watching a kid learn to swim. The deep end was a scary place. The pool floor seemed too deep down to fathom. Your feet had no chance of touching the bottom should the worst happen. You are completely reliant on your ability to keep afloat with the distracted teenage lifeguard on watch.

The butterflies hit your stomach and it becomes go time. It is either hit the water or walk away ashamed knowing your fears just got the best of you. You have the swimming ability and it is time. You jump…splash…kick your legs…reach for air…hit the ladder and you are out! Seriously! It’s that easy?! Now your parents can’t get you out of the deep end when it is time to leave in the same day. You conquered your fears and realized it wasn’t half as scary as you had in your head and you had the skills to get the job done.

Where Most Beginning Entrepreneurs Go Wrong

So where do most entrepreneurs go wrong? They take the beginning steps by getting the education, studying the market and do all of the thought processes required to make their own living and the life of their dreams. It is all in their head as they have the theory down pat to the point they can recite it to passers by as they look forward to their promising future. They step up to the deep end, takeĀ  a look at the water and…

…Never Step Off and Jump Off

How many people do you know with great ideas that were never followed up on? How many people do you know that are always telling you about their great ideas but they never seem to come to fruition?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about taking that leap of faith into the water. You are taking that leap with the realization that things could go wrong, but with the trust that your training and your ability will make this jump successful. Are you going to swim perfectly to the ladder the first time? Absolutely not! But…with time, that trip continues to get easier and easier and…before you know it…you are a pro.

Trusting your instincts and your ability to succeed are vital to beginning success. More importantly, your belief that you will be able to pull through any mistakes and learn from those to apply them to future successes is was stops the freeze at the edge of the pool. 99.9% of successful blogging, life experiences and owning a successful business all starts with that leap of faith. The vast majority of people will allow that leap to freeze, unwilling to try.

I see business owners all the time that are extremely successful that…honestly…I can’t see how they do it. They don’t have the skills of other people I know…they don’t have the connections…they don’t even have the ability, but they take that step off the pool everyday and those that have all the talent…don’t. That is what separates the successful from the laborers. That ability to take the first step off the cement edge and hit the water unsure of the result on a daily basis.

Are you going to let your fear win? Are you doing to let uncertainty cripple you from being successful?

Don’t Choose The Outcome Before It Happens

These same people who do not take that jump into the deep end are the same ones that can tell you outcomes without experience to back it up.

“They won’t buy it anyway so I don’t think I’ll even bother.”

“There are too many of those in the market already, so I don’t think it is a good idea.”

“That’s a great idea, but I don’t see how you are going to make any money at it.”

All of these are negative feelings towards fear related to uncertain outcomes. You can either run through your life as a victim of circumstances or you can actually try things out for yourself and not be afraid to fail. For that matter…you also can not be afraid to succeed.

So…what are you doing today to take that first step off the cement and into the deep end?

Image by Powerhouse Museum