Right in line with the article yesterday on my Zero Tolerance Policy, I wanted to go into a little bit more depth about getting past the excuses and getting into what it really takes to be successful. Michael Dunlop from and IncomeDiary.com and I were talking during a recorded interview over the weekend (will be published on RobbSutton.com) about what it is that makes some bloggers successful and others not at all. While there are a lot of contributing factors to successful blogging, there are several different themes that run throughout the blogging industry that are absolute truths.

What is the secret to success in blogging? Well…you won’t be too surprised because it is the secret to success in just about everything. Taking action! I can not tell you how many bloggers I talk to on a regular basis that want success in blogging, but they are too busy reading instead of doing. Don’t get me wrong, taking advice from those that have been there before you has a ton of value, but there are a lot of bloggers that get stuck in that rut. All they do is take the advice in the form of free eBook, eCourses and seminars to do absolutely nothing!

That’s right…they spend all of their time and money learning instead of doing. I don’t know if it is fear of failure or the inability to get the car started and start driving, but these serial learners do nothing but talk about their next big idea instead of actually trying it out for themselves.

The Secret To Success In Blogging And In Business

The secret to success in blogging and in business in general is taking action. There are times you are going to fail miserably flat on your face, but at least you tried! Now you can take that knowledge and apply it to your next success. If you spend all of your time worry about whether or not you are going to make it…you never will. If you are waiting on that next informational product or course to make your blog successful….guess what…only you can actually make your blog successful.

You need to sit down and take a serious look at how you spend your time. Are you spending the majority of your time learning or doing? Learning has its place and it is a valuable part of the process, but it is on the only part of the process.

Are you going to be part of the 10% that actually takes action and sees success? Or are you going to be part of the 90% that has the knowledge and does nothing with it? That choice is up to you…and only you can make it happen.