Ok…before we jump into one of my psychological rants where you get a peek into the psyche of Robb Sutton (I know…on the edge of your seat aren’t you?!), I want to go ahead and warn you. This following dialogue might put off some people, but it is one of those things that I feel needs to be said…especially to those in the blogging world. If you only listen to one thing that jumps off your screen that I happen to throw up there, let this be the article that kicks you in the ass to get going. The rest of what I put on RobbSutton.com is purely fluff if you do not take this one article seriously. So are you ready?

My Zero Tolerance Policy

I have absolutely zero tolerance or compassion for lame ass excuses. I think a lot of this stems from the experiences that I have had in my life where I have shown myself that you can get out of any situation through action. No matter what you do in life, you are not going to get anywhere by making excuses. You only see and realize success through taking action.

I hear so many bloggers, semi-entrepreneurs and employees whine about how bad they have it…how hard things are…what they deserve and don’t get…the list goes on. There are more people in this world that will whine and complain instead of actually taking the first step of action to change their outcomes. There are also more people that would rather stick there selfish hand out looking for something free even if it means that their “free” comes at the expense of someone else.

If you really want to make a run at making money online, starting your own business or even getting that raise you have been bleeding for…it is up to you to take the actions necessary to get the job done. No one owes you a damn thing.

There are so many people in the blogging industry that want to talk about how they are going to create the next big thing. The reality…99.9% aren’t willing to put in the effort to actually get it done. Do they have the ability? They might…but we will never know because they are full more excuses of why it didn’t happen than they are with action that is at least trying. That’s ok though…these same people make marketers rich by buying “next big product” that is going to bring them to the next level. So what do they do? They spend their money, read the great content and then do not apply a single bit of it to their blogging. They just sit on it and wait for that next big product.

So who’s fault is it today? Who didn’t give you the promotion you needed? Who didn’t just help you get over that last step? Why were you too busy? Why is it so hard? Why wouldn’t we understand?

The human brain is capable of fantastic things. I have seen people you would think would never amount to anything get to the top of the world, so don’t tell me that the successful ones are smarter or got better breaks than you did. In all reality, they probably had to overcome bigger obstacles than you could even imagine and it is your jealously that is labeling their journey as “easy”.

This might not be you. You might be taking the steps right now to insure your success down the road. But I challenge you to have a zero tolerance policy with yourself. By minimizing excuses and pushing forward with action, the windows of opportunity that will open to you are endless. It just takes the willingness to put in the work and taking responsibility for your own future. You are not a victim of circumstances…you choose and define your own future and destiny.

Zero Tolerance Image by nimboo