If you haven’t heard of Rob Benwell by now…you have not been searching about how to make money through blogging enough. This 3rd version of his highly successful ebook has sold over 20,000 copies (at 37 bones a pop…I’ll let you do the math). With a tagline that reads “The Blueprint of a Blogging Millionaire”, you would expect this ebook to drive income to your household through your blogging and that is exactly what Rob lays out in BTTB3.

Review: Blogging to the Bank 3.0

In the 58 pages of Blogging to the Bank 3.0, Rob Benwell takes you through his process of making money online through blogging. In the beginning stages of this ebook on making money with your blogs, Rob takes you through initial setup, SEO and creating your initial content. Unfortunately, there is not really much detail in these areas for 100% beginning bloggers and I feel that there were somethings during the setup process that could have been expanded on, but – for the most part – you can get up and running.

Where this ebook really gets going on content is through the promotion and making money chapters…which would be expected given the title. Rob’s method for making money through blogs is not a new one by any means. It is – however – one that is not talked about much in the blogging blogs as he takes a slam in your face approach to diversification.

Blogging to the Bank 3.0 takes you through the process of expanding your own blog network through careful keyword selection and outsourcing tasks to make managing multiple blogs much easier. Much of Rob’s profitable blogging process includes getting content written from multiple sources, promoting your blog through sites like Technorati and Squidoo and then flipping your blogs for profit as you move on to other profitable niches.

My Overall Thoughts On Blogging to the Bank 3.0

I think Rob has developed a formula with Blogging to the Bank 3.0 that can be highly profitable when done correctly. His methodical approach to making money online through blogs does work. The ability to bring in multiple income streams from multiple sites is a proven way to make money online, but it might not be for everyone. If you are looking to pour all of your resources into one or two blogs and create long lasting brand awareness through positioning yourself as an expert, his explosive diversification technique may not be what you are looking for at this time.

However, there is some incredible insight into how you can grow a single blog’s reach and traffic by implementing some of the techniques BTTB3 lays out to bring traffic to multiple blogs quickly (ex. press releases, social media promotion, etc.). While reading this ebook, I was reminded of a few extra traffic techniques that I needed to brush up on as well.

The ideal reader for Blogging to the Bank 3.0 would be a blogger that is looking to expand and diversify by increasing their blog network or a blogger that has been struggling with monetizing their current blog. I do think that true blogging beginners might get confused by some of the information as most of it pertains to a blogger to knows their way around the web. Luckily, Rob goes pretty in-depth into the different resources, so you can push your way through if you are feeling froggy.

The Positives with BTTB3

  • Ambush white hat techniques for making money online through diversification (diversifying income streams is the only way to make it in my opinion.)
  • Multiple promotion techniques that equal traffic including long tail keyword research
  • Flipping blog techniques to turn your work into profit
  • A load of “free” bonuses included with purchase that are actually useful

The Negatives with BTTB3

  • The blogging purists will not like the content outsourcing and running multiple blogs for income
  • Beginning setup content is a little light for beginning bloggers

Overall, Rob Brenwell did a great job structuring Blogging to the Bank 3.0 by laying it out as a making money formula through blogging. After I finished reading this ebook, I was reminded of things I need to do in my own blogging to increase revenue and attract new subscribers through other web outlets. At this point in time, I am not looking to have a dozen different blogs with outsourced content, but it is in the back of my head now for future projects. At $37 dollars for purchase…you can easily make your money back and more by implementing some of the techniques on your blog.

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