I don’t normally do this, but there is something that I just have to type out to get this frustration out of my head. During the course of my blogging, I try to make myself regularly available to my readers.

Those of you that have contacted me before know that I try to answer every email, respond to every chat request and genuinely enjoy communicating with other bloggers trying to see success in their blogging.

I do it because I love it. I really love helping out other bloggers make a living online to the point that I want to throw a big ass party for you when you are making more than I am some day. The whole process is incredible and more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

Wait for it…ok…rant starting.

Now…since I do make myself basically completely available, there is some stupid shit that comes across my desk from time to time. That’s ok…it is just part of the game these days and I try to be as respectful as possible and either ignore or answer depending on the situation.

But lately…I have gotten several people that have contacted me over chat that goes in this basic direction.

Hey Robb

Hey man how’s it going?

Good…I want to make money blogging, how do I do it?

Did you read Ramped Blogging or any of my other eBooks?

No…they are too long. I want to do it fast.

Well…there is no ‘fast’ way to make money online, so if you are looking for that solution you are asking the wrong guy.

How much do you make?

More than a full-time income for most people, but it came after a lot of long nights. Not right away.

Is this a scam or for real?

Man…I am pretty transparent with everything, so why don’t you take a look around my site and eBooks…Ramped Blogging is free BTW.

Cool. If I do Ramped Blogging, how much money will I make?

Look…I am trying to answer your questions but you don’t want to read my ebook that is free and you want me to give you a magical answer that doesn’t exist. Successful blogging requires a lot of work and time. There is no “make money in 30 days formula” and if you are not willing to read a short ebook on how to do it…then you aren’t willing to put in the work it takes to do it right

I am not kidding…I actually copied and pasted some of this from a recent conversation and it actually took defriending him on Facebook to get him to stop asking questions like this over a several day period. (If you are the guy that was hitting me up with this…now you know why)

The next series of questions normally follows the lines of “look at my site and give me free advice” if they already have one…

And this seriously goes on and on. I try not to be a dick…but come on! I am sick and tired of the same old routine with these kinds of people. They act like you are holding back on something or you have some secret that no one else knows about. Everything I do is 100% transparent and out there if you look (just as it is with most successful bloggers).

When I get into these meaningless conversations, I feel like I am on that Ashton Kutcher show Punked. Are you freaking serious? Is this a real person on the other end of the screen?!

Look…if you really want to make a run at things and you are struggling…I completely understand reaching out and trying to get some help. That is why bloggers like myself put out products and answer dozens of emails. We have all been there and we want to help.

But asshats like this make you want to shut off the lines of communication so you don’t have to listen to the stupidity anymore. I’m not going to do that but just know…if you come to me wanting some get rich quick solution…there isn’t one…