The System Is Broken

by Robb Sutton

We were supposed to have the “final plea” on 2/16/2021. That didn’t happen.

It was scheduled. It was on the books for all of this year and it fell threw as he got another extension. He has now hired a third lawyer (actually his parents and yes…all 3 lawyers are active and apparently not sharing information) and is trying to go for a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea. It doesn’t hold any legal weight but it also means we are no where near done with this process.

If they actually want to pursue that plea…there has to be a jury trial on the plea itself before we can get to what he is actually charged of. We have no idea how long this will take and we don’t have any future dates at this point.

To make matters even worse, my leg is not getting better. If fact…it is actually getting worse. I am scheduled for another MRI on Tuesday the 2nd which means another hour in a loud, hot tube. This is to determine whether or not I have to undergo surgery on my hamstrings.

The system is broken.

When we were listening to all of the horrible things other people did on this calendar call, 99% of them got extensions or just the can kicked down the road. I don’t believe this is a COVID issue either. It is amazing to me how criminals can continue to get chances while the victims just have to sit back and listen. The whole fact that he can delay even more just by changing his defense and hiring additional lawyers proves that. We have ZERO financial recourse either as he has no assets. At over 30 years old, his parents are the one funding this defense.

He doesn’t dispute what he did.
He doesn’t dispute the facts of the case.
He claims he just doesn’t remember.
His lawyers agree with all of it.

He just doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions.

The victims is in the case still have to deal with the physical, mental and monetary damages caused by the act of one person. We don’t get lawyers. We don’t get to kick the can down the road with a bunch of excuses. We have to sit back and watch, bite our tongue and just hope justice is served.

It’s messed up and uncalled for. There is “innocent until proven guilty” and then there is manipulating the system when you know you are guilty just because you are a selfish scumbag who doesn’t want to get the punishments for your actions.

Then…the victims have to try to control their anger, frustration and pain because it only hurts them…not the person who caused it. He shot me, my friend and at my wife for just trying to be a good friend and boss…and he is trying to play himself out to be the victim. It’s maddening…

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