2009 is but a distant memory and 2010 is a 365 day span of a blank canvas waiting to be painted. 2009 came with its own sets of challenges, fears and accomplishments. As one of the most difficult professional years of many people’s lives, we saw a sharp contrast between extreme success and utter failure as we navigated the uncertain economic times. We made it out…we pushed through and we used this frustration to further develop and enhance our own lives. Why? Because other people, places and things are not going to determine our moods and our success.

2010 Is YOUR Year

All of the sweat, tears, long hours and frustration are going to pay off in 2010. All of that work you did while others were complaining is going to add up if it has not already. 2010 is the year we all push forward with our goals to reap the rewards of hard work during a time where others sat back to wait. All of the time you have been putting into your blogs, businesses and stepping that one more step in front of your co-workers or competition is going to see huge rewards in 2010.

We are at the bottomless apex. We are on the verge of greatness. We are ready to continue the push as we have made it out of the wreckage. We are smarter for it and we have no excuses.

Are you going to waste all of the time in 2009 by being lazy in 2010? Do you have your new goals set? Are you ready to attack these next 365 days like they were your last? It is up to you, me and everyone else who fails to concede to the opposition. Are you going to let another individual continue to determine your worth in 2010? Are you going to keep the same complaints and excuses?

Now is the time. The time to get up and make 2010 YOUR YEAR. It is yours to take…and yours to give away…