Review | EcoBee3 Smart Thermostat Unboxing, Install and Review – Part 1

by Robb Sutton

Every part of the home is becoming smarter…literally. As we move more towards automation in all aspects of our life, it was only natural for the temperature in our houses to fall suit as well. The EcoBee thermostats were the first to introduce room sensors into the smart thermostat market to make our thermostats even smarter. By using these unique room sensors (that detect both occupancy and temperature)…we are able to control our power consumption and temperature better than ever before…in theory.

EcoBee3 Review, Install and Unboxing

In this video we take a look at the entire unboxing, install and initial thoughts on the EcoBee3 with room sensors on two units in my home. One of the kits came with one room sensor for downstairs and the other kit came with 3 for the upstairs rooms.

The reason for making this a 2 part review series is because of how the EcoBee thermostat will operate. After 30 days, it collects data and then comes up with other smart features to implement in your home. Check out the video above for the initial review of the EcoBee3 and why I didn’t go with the EcoBee4 for our house. If you have any questions, hit up the comments section below or on YouTube. Also be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss part 2 of the EcoBee3 review to see if replacing our cheap thermostats with these actually saved any money on our bills.

EcoBee3 w/3 Room Sensors –
EcoBee4 w/Amazon Alexa –

Shot with

Sony A7iii –
Sony 50mm f1.8 –
Sony 16-35mm –

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