It’s Official: We Are Pregnant Again!

by Robb Sutton

After our surprise in New York, it was time to go see the doctor to confirm our suspicions that we were pregnant again. For a couple that wasn’t even supposed to be able to have kids, we hardly even believed this was true seeing as it was only a short 6 weeks or so from the miscarriage. While we were excited, there was a cloud over our heads as we went to the same doctors office that had been the source of so much stress.

The Visit That Calmed All Fears

Let me start by saying that the last round of doctors visits didn’t go so well. At least…we know that now. Seeing as it was our first time being pregnant, we didn’t really know what to expect. Looking back on everything now after this appointment, I think they knew something was up from day one…they just couldn’t say much of anything (you can thank people that sue constantly for that).

We walked in and sat in the waiting room patiently.

They wanted to do an ultrasound as we had been in for a blood test a couple of days before. All of her levels were through the roof and her progesterone was borderline, so they had already prescribed some medication as a precautionary tactic due to her history, but the levels still were not at a point that we should be worried about anything.

This ultrasound visit went much different than any of our previous.

The tech found everything quickly, easily and was smiling the entire time. It was awesome. At this point, she was seeing everything she was supposed to and we measured out at 5 weeks and 2 days. The doctor came in, looked at everything and was extremely excited. All past visits had an elephant in the room that no one wanted to discuss, but this time around the conversations were filled with congratulations and everything looks great.

We a stunned look on our faces, we left that appointment happy. The contrast between the visits brought a sense of calmness over us as we settled in with the idea that this is probably going to be the real deal! Are we still nervous to get to that 12 week point due to what had just happened with the miscarriage? Absolutely…but now we can move forward with the security that everything is looking great for where we are right now.

For two people that weren’t supposed to be able to get pregnant to begin with…this has been a wild ride so far. Back on the roller coaster!

We are praying for the good health of our child. Parents and daycare providers, doing business voluntarily, have a much better chance of leading to healthier children, and a solid firm can be critical when seeking for help for children with developmental delays.

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