It's My Birthday!

by Robb Sutton

Every year, you are faced with what you want to do on your birthday. So what am I doing today?

Lets see…

  • I think I’ll play with the dogs for awhile in the new house that the wife and I moved into over the weekend.
  • Go out to breakfast with the parents.
  • Text my wife at work and heckle her for having to work today!
  • Go on a nice, cold, long road ride with some friends.
  • Clean up the house some and try to get the garage to a useable state.
  • Go eat some great food with friends for dinner.

Yeah…that sounds like a full enough day. If I have some time…I’ll get some web work done because we all know that I call it “work” to the wife…but it is what I enjoy doing.

Anyways…hope you guys have a great day!

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