iPhone Blogging With The Wordpress App

by Robb Sutton
Written on my iPhone…

This week, I stopped by the Apple Store and picked up a shinny new iPhone. The idea is to combine the iPhone with the new MacBook Pro to take my website and blog management to a whole new mobile level. Until now, I have always been a huge fan of towers…specifically Apple’s…because of their increased power and expansion capabilities. Due to recent changes on my plans, mobile is the way to go!

So…who is the Wordpress app for?

Bloggers who want to get drafts down quickly when they don’t have the computer around.

  • Quick news bloggers.
  • Picture free 300 word and under posts.
  • Edit text in existing posts.

As convenient as the Wordpress app is…I would not want to type any longer than this article on my phone. It also doesn’t allow for any coding freedom. Cool app that may one day be a viable alternative, but for now is too simple for serious blogging.

Note: I added the top picture through Wordpress after the fact and the bottom through the iPhone Wordpress app (shot with the iPhone).

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