The Fallout: The Attempt At Normal Life Resuming

by Robb Sutton

The couple of weeks proceeding the miscarriage are rough. Just when you think things are over, my wife actually had to go through a series of tests and scary conversations after we received the bad news. Luckily for us (or unlucky depending on your frame of mind at the time), her miscarriage passed completely so there was no hospital procedure that had to take place after the fact. She did have to go every Friday for 3 weeks afterwards for blood tests to make sure her levels were going back to normal. For her…it was just a reminder of what had happened.

At home, we tried to get back to life as normal. What started off as bad days with good moments eventually turned into good days with bad moments. As with most things, time is the healer of all wounds…but…even with this…there is a scar that will be around for some time. I do not think this is one of those things in life that you just get over and move on. It changes you, your relationship and how you view parenthood and life. In our case, it just made us want it that much more…

Restarting The Baby Process

Shortly after things settled down, we had another doctors visit at the reproductive specialist to take a look at some options. As I had mentioned before, we didn’t even think it was possible to get pregnant, so stepping in with some science was almost a necessity. The silver lining in this whole process was that we were actually able to get pregnant, so now we might have some other, less expensive options to look over with this new information.

After a long talk with the doctor, we decided to try a less evasive, less expensive option for conception (IUI) first to see if it would work. If it didn’t…all we would lose is a month and about 1,500 dollars. While 1,500 is still a lot of money, the potential savings over 18,000 if it worked was worth the risk in my book. Everyone agreed and that was the plan…we just had to wait on her body again to move forward.

So here we go…getting ready for round 2…

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