It happened again! Another year and now another birthday. I have been alive on this planet for one more year and counting!

My birthday falls on a unique time of the year where we are spending time with family and looking back at the previous year as we look forward to the next. 2009 and my year of being 27 was filled with a lot of ups and downs, but overall…there were more achievements than their were disasters, so I see even more hope around the corner as we continue this path of life.

It is customary this time of year for people to ask you what you want. What do you want for Christmas? In my case…what do you want for your birthday? Do you want to go out to eat? Do you want something specific under the tree or in front of the birthday cake? This year (and the last one too really), I have had a very difficult time with that question.

As I look back on the previous year of being 27 years old and the calendar year 2009, I have a hard time finding something that I want that I do not already have.

  • I have a loving wife that we got to enjoy our first full year married this year. It hasn’t been perfect as we have had to deal with some medical issues that are our of our control, but getting through it has made us stronger together. Maybe that is the point of it all…
  • I have 2 dogs that have so much personality and joy that…if they get anymore…just might start talking English and walking on their hind legs. As I mentioned previously, Hans (the male) is a rescue and that has been an incredibly rewarding experience.
  • I have a great family and a set of friends that most people would kill for. Life is about experiences and who you share those experiences with…and my friends are just as crazy as I am…so it is a great fit.
  • I have just about every physical product that you would buy off a shelf that I need. There are always things that people (me included) want, but my needs are more than met. Thanks to…I don’t really worry about cycling related products anymore!
  • I have a business that is growing by the day through connecting with and helping other people. The ability to help others realize their potential to create a better life for themselves has to be one of the coolest things ever! I happen to do it through this site, and my other blogs and if you can figure out how to get other people to live their dreams…you will understand what I am talking about. Helping others succeed in their own life is where the success really is…

2010 and my age of 28 years is going to bring some new challenges that I am looking forward to while also scared straight out of my skin!

  • My wife and I are looking to add members of the family of the 2 legged variety and that is going to be an adventure all to itself. It better not be a girl because that new Gap commercial with the boots makes me want to throw plastic at kids that are not even mine!
  • I am expanding my business in a whole new way starting next week and that is going to carry into other new projects over the coming year. Exciting times and now it is time to step it up even further in my pursuit of my perfect lifestyle.

I really have zero complaints and even if I had any…no one would listen. Any why would they?! Things are great and no matter what you do or do not have, this time of year is for remember what you do have…and not necessarily what you want. On this birthday, I am looking around and seeing my dreams come true. That is all I need…not a fancy dinner…not something that will be obsolete in 6 months…just friends, family, pets and my desire to keep getting better.

But…all of that said…my mom and dad did hook me up with some items for my office that completely kick ass.

Now…if you really want to get me something I don’t need…but want! Check out this Amazon Wish List (honestly…I have heard about these Amazon Wish Lists for a long time now and have never used the feature…wanted to give it a whirl with a couple of items I keep on my personal list). Click here to see my Amazon Wish List.

Image by Rob J Brooks