That’s right…I do not like Starbucks Coffee. I am sure you have seen the recent Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks Coffee commercials making their way around cable television. The slogan they are spinning this entire campaign around is that the hard working American prefers Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks Coffee. I would have to agree and it is an incredible ad campaign that should boost sales of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but I do not think Starbucks will see the dent.

So why do I not like Starbucks Coffee? Because it is terrible! Look…I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means. I do not know what makes a great bean, I do not know how to roast it to perfection…all I do know is what tastes good and what does not. Starbucks Coffee tastes burnt. As far as I can tell (as a non-coffee connoisseur but a hefty coffee consumer), they are taking very cheap beans and way over-roasting them in an attempt to get more flavor out of a bean that basically has none. I am one of those guys who drinks black coffee…no cream…no sugar…no sugar substitute that is the new flavor of the week for health nuts…just plain, old black coffee. When you drink black coffee…the coffee is all you taste and Starbucks coffee tastes like you left it in the microwave too long! To make matters worse, you are stopping the payment on your mortgage to pay for this terrible tasting, over marketed crap!

The original Seattle Starbucks Coffee store shop cafeWhen you look at the original Starbucks in Seattle (I’ve personally been there), it makes you wonder if the Starbucks we have today would make the original Starbucks owners proud. When I look at the original Starbucks, I see a warm, inviting spot to enjoy a cup of java with friends. I have no way of tasting the original 1912 coffee, but my bet is that it tastes no where near the over produced/over manufactured brown liquid that they are passing off as coffee today. Starbucks Coffee has really lost its edge and curb appeal. The new commercialized version is nothing but a huge marketing monster that no longer looks at its roots…a cup of coffee.

The only thing worse than a cup of coffee from Starbucks are the pompous asses who believe they are somehow coffee experts now because they stop by Starbucks every morning on their way to the office. Great coffee takes time and can been enjoyed without the aide of cheap sweeteners. Some people choose not to drink it that way…and that is fine! One of the great things about coffee is that you can drink it anyway you want to, but it should not taste terrible if you take the sweeteners out of the picture.

I challenge Starbucks Coffee to get back to its roots and produce a great tasting cup of coffee again. Until you do…I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks.