Last night, I was talking to Kelly Diels and we got onto the subject of what I have had going on the past year and my plans for 2010. She asked me a question that I hadn’t really thought about seriously…but was doing automatically.

When you are looking at how you spend your time and how you want to grow you blog, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done when you want to. Time is our only constraint in life…so we have to figure out how to use it efficiently.

When things started shooting towards the stars with my blogging (and I thank those lucky stars every day), I really had to change the way I was living to accomplish my goals. The following video podcast are my thoughts on basic time management and how things changed in my life. It also touches on relationships and how we need to handle them as we grow our blogs.

It’s not too long…just over 5 minutes. This video was shot with my MacBook Pro built-in iSight camera and iMovie ’10. I didn’t use my expensive editing software and cameras (I have a background in post production) to show that you do not need a full out editing suite to video blog effectively.

Word of warning: I look much younger than I am! I hear that comment every time I post a video! Also, this was a quick cut together…one take…just throw it up there. This is me on a Friday morning! I am going to try to get in more of these types of posts…so look for more in the future from

Blogging and Life Productivity – from Robb Sutton on Vimeo.