I have been searching for a way to make cheap eBook covers for quite some time now. Luckily, just as I was about to purchase an expensive set of plugins for Photoshop, John Chow posted up a new service that takes care of all kinds of eBook and eCourse images that is CHEAP! Normally, you are paying somewhere in the 80-100 dollar range to pick up a software package to do this, but with myecovermaker.com…you can make individual covers for about 3 bucks a pop, or you can make 100 covers a month for 9 dollars a month!

I was just in the middle of finalizing a new free eBook I am publishing for Bike198.com, so this came at perfect time for me. You really have no excuse at this point for not having a cool looking eBook cover on your free or paid eBook. I like to design my own covers using the supplied Photoshop templates you can download on the site, but you can also design your own using template backgrounds and adding text directly on the site. Here is the latest that I just built up this morning using myecovermaker.com.

Cheap eBook Cover Generator

I am not in any way affiliated with this website, so I am not making any money by promoting this. Every now and then I run into a really cool resource that I want to share with you guys and this is one of them.