If you are anything like me, writing with a voice did not come easy at all! During my beginning stages in blogging, I really struggled with writing with my voice instead of a bland, boring, research paper diction that was putting me to sleep as I was typing. Much of blogging and growing a successful blog is tuning your writing into who you really are and something that readers can connect with. In the blogging world, this is called your “blogging voice” as you have probably already heard referenced more than a thousand times.

So…how do we find our blogging voice that is going to connect with readers on such a personal level that they can not…not subscribe…comment and interact with our pages on the screen? For many new and experienced bloggers, this is a stressful question in the quest for bringing our personalities and thoughts out into words.

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

Blog…Blog and Blog Some More – Blogging is no different than any other discipline. By practicing blogging, you will get better at your craft over time. Do not let fear and anxiety keep you from publishing articles and experimenting with writing styles. As you continue to write, you are going to find that it becomes easier and easier to get the words out of your head and onto the screen. After awhile, you will start to notice a trend in your writing style without even really realizing it. It is a beautiful thing and it only comes through actually participating in the process…

Write As You Talk – You can always go back and edit, chop up or scrap a whole idea before hitting that publish button, so take your first draft as a mind dump. If you write as you talk, more of your personality will get out through your words and then you can go back and proofread to fix any glaring mistakes. You are not going to get crucified for several little mistakes here and there if you are connecting with readers by bringing your personality into your writing.

Stop Stressing About It! – Stressing about your writing will just make you lock up even further. Your best content is going to come at moments of happiness and when you are actually enjoying what you are doing. If you are sitting in front of a screen with the small dash blinking stressing about what you have to write that day, get up…walk around…have a cup of coffee (or any other preferred beverage, but I don’t recommend publishing articles while you are loaded) and come back…sit down…and write with a heart-rate that is considered normal. The more you try to push your voice and your writing…the more stressed and upset you are going to become and that will come out in your writing.

Self Reflection – When I first started taking blogging really seriously, I sat back for a second and thought about who I really am. I’m not going to lie…it was really weird. How often do we ever sit back, think about who we are and how we interact with people? Almost never right? Well…after spending some time looking inside, I found out more about myself than I thought I actually knew! It was crazy, but it also gave me some insight into how I wanted to write and how I wanted to interact with people on my blog. Sometimes, we get so caught in the rat race of the days events that we forget to look into our souls and learn about ourselves. It drastically changed how I blogged and for the better.

Do you see an underlying theme here? Basically, if you want to find your blogging voice, you need to practice and relax. The rest will fall into place and you will find yourself in a rhythm that you can call your own. Blogging is about that connection and no one wants to connect with a stressed out mess.