There are two types of people in this world

by Robb Sutton

In all my dealings with everything from corporate level executives and small time start-ups, I have seen two basic types of people in the business world. Each type is drastically different in how they effectively run their corner of the world and how they manage their time. Ironically, one side of the fence almost always succeeds while the other side almost always fails. What are these two drastically different people and why are their outcomes so different? There are two basic types of people in the world…the dreamers and the do’ers.

The Dreamer

The dreamer is full of fantastic ideas that are going to change the world…you’ll see. They are going to do it bigger and better than the competition rising them to the top of the heap in their quest to build, create or manage better than anyone could have ever imagined. They are on a quest to tell everyone they come in contact with their incredible ideas and watch as you listen in amazement and realize how genius they really are. While this dreamer has all intentions of setting the world on fire…they don’t. Many times, they do even get past step one in their quest to be the best.

Why do they fail? The dreamer fails at being successful because they never put these ideas into action. They are too busy convincing the world that their ideas are going to be successful through words instead of action. They lack the want or desire to put in the work to make their dreams become a reality. Often times, their ideas are too vague and lack the specifics to make sure the job gets done. This lack of specifics makes actions virtually impossible.

The dreamer spends enormous amounts of time on “glamorous” activities that do little or nothing to grow their ideas into reality. Instead, they pick the action items they feel create more of a buzz around how much better they are than anyone else in the market.

Simply put…the dreamer is always (and will always be) dreaming. Without the action and hard work, the dreams just move onto another dream. If you have been around the same dreamer for long enough, you have probably heard a dozen ideas that are going to change the world and how we do things. Not a single one of these dreams have actually been successful…because they are too busy talking…

The Do’er

The Businessman A do’er is successful or on the verge of achieving the success they have laid out for themselves. The do’er is not interested in convincing you that their ideas are the best you have ever heard as their actions will prove what they are doing is correct. The do’er has the success in life that you dream about. Everything isn’t perfect, but they have decided their own fate. You watch the do’ers actions over time and realize there was a master plan at work. All of this happened with little fireworks, but over time you can see the change as things continued to grow.

This person has a carefully laid out plan with the steps necessary for success. He carries out these steps methodically with the end goal in mind. He has the ability and willingness to take these steps and ignore the naysayers as he continues to work hard toward the end result. These steps are not pipe dreams that will prove his intellect, they are required to build out a thought from ground zero. These steps equal hard work and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Is the do’er always successful? Absolutely not. Many times, the do’er has failed more times than he has succeeded. This does not stop a do’er as he learns from every mistake and applies it to the goals of the future in the quest of success. Once the do’er has achieved the success they have been working so hard for, they do not feel the need to broadcast it all over the world because they did not work hard for everyone else…they did it for themselves to improve their own life and the lives of their families. A do’er knows that success does not come through thoughts, but action. A thought is nothing without action and for this reason…hard work is always necessary to see thoughts grow in reality.

As you go through the day…

Are you a dreamer or a do’er? Do you find yourself with thousands of great ideas without one single action? Are you often telling people about your great ideas while someone else is out there doing?

Find one great idea and take the first step of action and watch the results. Things do not always go exactly as planned, but we learn something from every experience in life. Take that experience and apply it to your next step of action. With enough experience and enough action, positive results will start to emerge. If you keep doing the same thing day in and day out…you will always get the same result. Be a do’er and step out of your routine just long enough to see what is really possible if you put your mind to it.

The main difference between a do’er and a dreamer is that while the dreamer is dreaming…the do’er is doing.

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