The N0P0W0ER Computer Build – Intel 8700k Editing Rig

by Robb Sutton

For awhile now…I have been looking at putting together a custom PC build to act as a central server for our house while also doubling as an editing rig for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premier Pro. I have been using nothing but Apple computers for years for this task so I have been looking forward to building out a computer to my spec that could handle the storage needs of the house.

The N0P0WER Theme Build

Since I have control over how this build is going to look…why not make it a theme build?! When I thought over all of the possible options it only made sense to model this PC build after the CTS-V that I sold last year. The blue/black/stainless theme of the car was one of my favorite looks I have ever done on a car as it was just the right amount of looks, function and consistency – nothing was overdone or stood out more than anything else. The car was also WAY overbuilt and everything was pushed to the limits.

While the computer build will not be the “no expense spared” theme I had as I was chasing records with the V, the processor and RAM will be overclocked and liquid cooling will be used which follows the theme of the V as well.

Here are the components. The video overview is above and the time-lapse of the build is below. More to come so stay tuned!

Build Specs

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