The Key To Success and How To Be Successful

by Robb Sutton

What is it that successful people know that you don’t? What makes it so that they can realize success and prosperity over and over again while you are just struggling to tread water in this unsure world?

There has to be some secret, something you don’t know, something that would break you into the life that you always dreamed of if you could just figure it out. If you could only tap into that greatness that those successful people found, then you too could walk out of the wreckage and grab the dreams that you have always had just one step out of reach.

The Key To Success

So what is this key to success that will catapult you forward? Today is your lucky day because I am going to reveal the secret to success so that you too can live the life that used to be only a dream. The key to being successful in life and in business is really two fold, according to FiveChannels. Each of these aspects are mutually exclusive and require each other to realize positive results. There are people in this world that try to achieve new heights by only implementing one of these fantastic ideas, but they end up failing and fall into complacity with their lives as they stand that moment. To truly be successful…you need two very important traits…

  1. You must have the willingness to take calculated risk.
  2. You must never give up.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? If it is so simple…then why isn’t everyone successful? Let’s break it down a little bit further in our quest to live a better life.

The Willingness To Take Calculated Risk

At the start of every successful marriage, there was one thing that had to take place. One person in the relationship (normally the man) had to take the risk and ask…”will you marry me?” Now…hopefully he had a pretty good idea of what they answer would end up being before he asked, but it was still a calculated risk that he had to take in the pursuit of a happy family life.

We take calculated risks on a daily basis without even realizing it. Most of the time, the risk is relatively low as it has become a part of our daily routine. You take  a risk every time you get behind the wheel, eat fast food or even walk across the street. To be successful, you have to apply these same types of situations to your business decisions. Are you willing to invest money to see a large return? Are you will to start a business during a recession? Are you going to act on that idea that you have been holding onto for years? All of these are questions that require an action that is based upon an associated risk that returns a reward. Often times, the decisions that carry the largest amount of risk reap the largest rewards.

So why don’t more people take risks in their professional life? Fear. The fear of rejection, failure or losing the little bit they already have keeps individuals, like yourself, from stepping out and taking calculated risks. We find ourselves coming up with excuses for our current position in life stating it could always be worse. That statement is not false, but it also keeps us from achieving greatness by being content where we stand. When was the last time you took any risk?

You Can Never Give Up

99% of the time, people give up right before they achieve their goal. In business and in life, there are going to be barriers to your success. There are going to be people that don’t understand. There are going to be friends that down deep do not want you to succeed and they will put down your efforts in an attempt to keep the status quo. You are going to fail along the road to success more times than you succeed.

The Key to Success - Never Give UpBy learning from your mistakes, ignoring your negative influences and pushing forward, you can achieve your goals. Far too often, we let outside influences directly affect our actions instead of motivating us to work harder. Successful people learn on a daily basis and apply that knowledge to their next adventure. As you look towards the future, remember to never give up in your pursuits because you are the only one that can stand in your way. Your mind will play tricks on you as you start to believe others that are telling you it can’t be done. Just imagine if Thomas Edison gave up before that final attempt that brought light to the world. Truly successful people use their failures as motivation to do it better next time…not to quit…

As you go through life…

…analyzing your next move. Take a close look at past decisions and learn from those outcomes. What could you have done differently that would have yielded a different result? Did you need to take a little bit more risk? Did you give up right before you were about to make it? Use that new knowledge and apply it to the future. You never know…your next successful act could just be the one that makes it…

Key/Door Image by Engin Erdogan

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