The Ability to Kick Your Own Ass

by Robb Sutton

What separates a successful business owner or blogger from the failing wannabe? Is it one great idea? Is it luck that just seems to fall on the successful? Is it a load of cash that is backing their mediocre idea?

No…it is not. None of those things create a successful business owner or blogger. They might allow you to fake success for a longer period of time, but…in the end…you will see the same result without one key element. Successful business owners have a unique ability within themselves to kick their own ass.

Why do I want to kick my own ass?

I know…it sounds funny on the surface. Why would I want to the ability to kick my own ass? While the phrase in and of itself is misleading and humorous, the premise behind it is solid and breeds success time and time again. To be successful, you have to be able to force yourself to do things you might not want to, get back on the horse and learn from your failure and fight of the inherent laziness that we find in ourselves to get actual, productive work done.

The easy road is to continue complaining about your job, life and circumstances. The hard part is giving yourself a kick in the ass to change your life and do something about your circumstances to become a do’er and not a victim. You then need the ability to continue kicking your own ass to push forward through diversity and never give up on your goals. If you are unwilling to reach around and push yourself forward, then you will never see success because you will always be the one that stands in your way. It will not be the boss that is not giving you a raise, it won’t be Suzie down the hall that just won’t shut her mouth, it is not the customer that just won’t do what they said they were going to…it will be you and you will be pushing forward despite all of those things that want to hold you back. You will be able to continue pushing forward and being productive because of your unique ability to kick your own ass and do it.

The question is…how many rounds are you will to go with yourself?

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crewsy August 5, 2009 - 8:42 pm

amen bro, but damn it sure is a tough thing to do!

Mike August 6, 2009 - 6:59 am

I think I’m going to go kick my ass today.


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