Interviews With Bloggers That Are Actually Valuable

by Robb Sutton

The latest trend in the blogging world has been to incorporate interviews in your content generation. I for one believe we have a lot to learn from those related minds around us and that is why I include interviews on all of my sites as they generate interesting content for readers. However, in the mmo/blogging niche, the interviews seem to center around the same cookie cutter questions (trust me…I have done the same interview about a dozen times at least) which makes them boring as hell. How many times can I be asked “how do you make money online?”?!!!

Awhile back, I was interviewed by Srini about diversifying income streams online and it was a refreshing conversation. I didn’t feel like I was getting asked the same questions I have been asked a thousand times…it was an organic conversation on what it really takes to be successful online. I was one of the first they interview on and now they have an astounding list of over 100 bloggers they have interviewed on numerous subjects.

To help compile all of this incredible content into something that is useful that you can take action on, Srini and Sid (founders of Blogcastfm) have put together a premium coaching program based off of their massive amount of success breading content and BlogcastFM premium was born…

Within the doors of BlogcastFM you get:

BlogcastFM Premium gets you access to 12 expert interviews a month, coupled with actionable worksheets and mindmaps to give you the advanced training you need to take your blog to the next level fast.”

  • Experts From Different Fields. We bring in experts who have succeeded across the board – so you don’t just hear what’s worked for one person, or one exceptional case. You get advice, techniques and strategies that have been successful for many people, in a variety of niches.
  • Frequently Published Training – Updated Every Week.  We’re constantly bringing you new content so you know what’s working in blogging today – not what used to work five years ago.  We bring back experts when they have new information to share with us, but we also focus on getting timeless advice and techniques you can use as well.
  • Expert Audio Interviews coupled with Killer Documents.  By combining audio training with actionable notes, you’re going to get the absolute most out of every expert we bring on. We also organize everything discussed into detailed mind maps for you – so you never miss a single technique or strategy.

I would love to spell out just everything you get in one blog post (I have have a membership so I have seen the content), but there is honestly so much actionable content within the doors it is crazy. Right off the bat you get modules based off of Adam Baker (Man Vs Debt), Dave Navarro (Launch Coach), Scott Stratten (UnMarketing), Yaro Starak (Entrepreneurs Journey), Michael Martine (Remarkablogger) and others with at least 12 new ones hitting every week. Next up to bat is my friend David Risley so that should be a great one to check out.

It isn’t very often that I promote coaching programs like this because I truly believe there are very few out there that are worth anything. However, after having interacted and worked with these guys in the past and having seen first hand what they have done with this program, I definitely recommend it for bloggers of all skill levels whether you are making money online already or just looking to get started. I for one am excited about what they have in store for the future and I will actually be taking action on their content and worksheets as well. There is always something I can learn from others to improve my business.

Their introductory price is going to end on Thursday November 19th, so check it out now while the going is hot.

Check out BlogcastFM and the full list of features by clicking here.

By the way…word on the street is that my module will be going live sometime in the future as well.

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TrafficColeman November 15, 2010 - 9:57 pm

The two guys at BlogCastFM do an excellent job over there with their interviews are pretty good as well, no surprise they have an product now..I been following them for about three months now and they are dojng great things.

“TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

Anonymous November 15, 2010 - 11:58 pm

Thanks for the kind words 🙂

Steve March 9, 2011 - 12:55 pm

I completely agree that many interviews are repetitive and to be honest, quite boring. Srini has a fluent style and his interviews, for the most part, are excellent.

There are very few interviews that I will listen to now because I feel like I know what they will be talking about and what the answers will be. BlogCastFM is by far my favorite podcast and I’m looking forward to checking out the premium service.

Annie Sisk June 5, 2011 - 11:45 am

I’ll definitely check them out. I’m with you and Steve, though – I’m so tired of the same old interview, same old questions, over and over. Nothing new under the blogging sun, not in a long time. Maybe now there will be. 


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