Everyone has a great idea

by Robb Sutton

It’s true. Everyone out there…including you…has an incredible idea that can catapult them into the life they always dreamed of. So…with all of these great ideas out there, why is everyone still stuck in that 9-5 you hate so much? Because 99.9% of all great ideas are never acted on! They are merely fleeting thoughts or a “I’ll do that one day” idea that never comes to fruition. It is a reality that is sad, but true. Most people in this world will never act on that one great idea that they know in their hearts will make it. Is it fear of failure? Is it the lack of means to get it done? Is it laziness? Or a combination of all of the above? What would happen if everyone acted on at least one of their ideas in a given lifetime?

I run across people all the time that are complete lip service. They have this grandiose idea that is going to change the world…you’ll see. The problem is…they are all talk. These dreamers never apply action to their dream. Instead…they spend all of their time convincing others how great their dream really is.

Next time you think up of a realistic idea that you think has merit and could actually be successful…act on it! Act on your idea in a way that you can be successful doing what you want to do. Right now you are working for a company that was started with idea just like you have right now. Have the confidence and determination to see that idea through until the end. Realize that great ideas are never overnight successes and hard work will pay off. If it does not work out exactly as planned, that’s ok too! At least you are putting yourself out there and trying while others are sitting around and complaining. Take what you learn from your failures and apply them to your successes.

Here is to your next great idea making it…

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