Is Being Connected All the Time, Helping or Hurting Your Business?

by Robb Sutton

This is a guest post written by Robert Fulton. If you would like to guest post on Blogging Labs, contact us through the contact page and we will get the ball rolling.

There is no denying that the world of business has changed dramatically over the past decade. The limitations of the traditional office no longer exist. With the growing prevalence of wireless internet, web enabled smart phones, and video conferencing the only thing tying us to the office is our accustomed familiarity with it. Many would argue that this is the crowning achievement of business technology. The ability to stay connected to the heart beat of your business at all times. While this has great appeal to some it could also be argued that this is taking away from our business prowess; chaining us to our work at all times. So does the reality of these technological leaps leave us in a better or worse position for our business? That argument is one of great debate.

Connectivity And Business Hours

The days of working nine to five have long since past. Before the dawn of limitless business connectivity the savvy business operator was putting in far more hours than the traditional 40 hour work week. Long days at the office pouring over in to late nights had become the norm rather than the exception.

With limitless wireless connectivity available the need to be tied to ones office has evaporated. Long hours once spent in cubicles have been replaced by equally long working hours from the comfort of a living room sofa. The days of being confined to an office building have been replaced often times by the beach umbrella and a portable laptop computer. This new age of technology has afforded us a very close connection to our business. When looking at any particular market the ability to respond quickly is paramount. Whether responding to your clients email of concern via your wirelessly connected smart phone, or seizing the perfect moment to purchase a stock of interest; the ability to instantly react, without delay is one of great value.

The Price Of Instant Information

While the age of constant connectivity offers us unparalleled advantages in business that have never been available before, it ultimately comes with a price. It has become increasingly difficult to divorce ones self from the business that we conduct. In the past, even while spending long days working, there was always an opportunity to retreat away from ones work and to simply relax. While this opportunity was not always taken, it was always present.

In the day of eternal connectivity the ability to “close up shop” has been greatly diminished. There is a sense that when one is not working, they are not being productive. Enjoyable activities are now often interrupted by business notifications from our phones. The sanctity of family time is often interrupted by the pressing need to react instantly to a business event. I, myself, have woken up in the middle of the night to check whether or not an expected email had arrived in my “inbox.” This surely can not be a healthy practice. In truth if we allow it, our business can become the only facet of our life and it can easily drown out all else.

While wireless internet service connectivity has allowed us to work harder and work smarter it has ultimately come with a potentially steep price tag. More than ever it is important to keep ones priorities secured firmly in the forefront of our thoughts. In running away from all that new technology has afforded us we are certain to lose out on many great business opportunities. Conversely, by embracing all that is available to us we run the risk of abandoning everything else in our lives. Limitless connectivity forces us to walk a dangerously fine line. Only in seeking a balance between our business and personal lives can we truly be happy and successful in all that we do.

Robert Fulton is a 20-something technology enthusiast originally from the west coast. When he’s not working or studying for his masters degree, you can find him traveling the world and spending time with his son.

Blogging Labs Tips To Disconnect

This great guest post by Robert Fulton outlines how we can get our minds wrapped around working 24/7 very easily. We find ourselves needing to obsessively check stats and never leave the comfort of our blogging or social media much like a kid that won’t take a nap in the fear they will miss something. The following tips are ones that we use to step away from the online world and join the living once in awhile to keep our sanity.

  1. Take Scheduled Breaks Throughout The Day – It is easier to be more productive in your work time and your leisure time if it is scheduled throughout the day. When you are just going at random, both time periods can be inefficient as you mix them together. Try to plan out your day and schedule your off time just as you schedule your tasks. It will make you better at both.
  2. Turn Off Email and Stat Alerts On Mobile Devices During Dinners or Walks – When it is time to take time off, turn off all notifications on your phone and other mobile devices to top the interruption and want to check what is going on in the online world. Without the distraction, it will be easier to relax.
  3. Take Back Your Weekends – Unless there is a HUGE project going on (like a full redesign), I try to keep my weekends as weekends. You will notice that my Twitter and Facebook usage drops drastically and I rarely…if ever…post blog articles on the weekends. If you must publish articles, try to schedule them on Friday and take your weekend as time to relax.
  4. Spend Time With The People You Care AboutAll of this is nothing without personal relationships. I would rather have less money and a happier life than a rich guy with no friends or family. When you spend time with the people in your life that you care about…really spend time with them as they are what really matters in this world.
  5. Get Rid Of Time Wasting Activities – If you want to be more productive and have a happier life, get rid of the time wasting activities in your life to be more productive. Is your life going to end if you don’t watch your favorite TV show or you close Facebook for awhile and miss that funny inside joke? Probably not. Use the time you have wisely and live your life to the fullest.

This is our one and only life and I doubt we are supposed to waste it away working ourselves to death and obsessing over the online world. Plan your work and work your plan. The rest will fall into place naturally.

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Keith Bloemendaal December 13, 2010 - 12:22 pm

So true Robb! I am even up early on my vacation checking Twitter, Facebook, Reader etc… before I go out for one more day of golf…. when is enough enough?

Robb Sutton December 13, 2010 - 12:37 pm

If you figure that out…let me know! This is one of those times where I need to practice what I preach. My iPhone 4 is my security blanket…

Black Seo Guy December 13, 2010 - 1:15 pm

Its all about getting thing done and staying away from things just take up your time..always work on things that ill add value to your business.

“Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”


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