While we are on the subject of making money online, generating income through your blog and every other cash infusing aspect of your blogging, we need to take a look at why some blogs are successful on a monetary standpoint and others are not.

I see it all the time…

“Robb! I have a lot of traffic, a ton of comments and everything is growing! But I’m not making a bloody cent!”

To make money online through blogging, you have to be doing two things and most bloggers do neither in their pursuit to fire their boss and live the life they dream.

  1. You have to attract a reader that is actually prepared to spend money.
  2. You have to publish posts that actually generate revenue.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?! Then why aren’t more people making a living online? Let’s tackle each of these quickly so you can get an idea of what I am talking about and apply it to your blog.

You Have To Attract A Reader That Is Prepared To Spend

Your 1,978 comments don’t mean anything if those comments are coming from readers that are not prepared to buy something. If you just want to grow a blog for the community aspect and you enjoy writing, that is great! Keep on rockin’ it! But…if you are looking to generate revenue (cash…that stuff that pays the bills), you have to take a serious look at what kind of reader your content is attracting.

Articles like reviews of products and services, complex tutorials related to your field and other valuable resources will attract a reader that is looking to solve a problem. Generally, problems are solved in this world through products and services that you can either provide through your own products or by promoting someone else’s products and services (affiliate marketing). By attracting the readers looking to solve problems and solving that problem for them with a solution you recommend…you are setting up the possibility to profit off of that readers needs.

Attracting a bunch of know-it-all’s with controversial opinion or pining after that first page of Digg isn’t going to bring you a reader that is ready to buy. It might get you traffic…but unless you are ready to make basically nothing until you have 100’s of thousands of visitors…that is probably not the route you want to take.

Publishing Blog Articles That Generate Cash

Once you have an audience that is actually ready to spend some cash, you have to make sure you are publishing content that will actually result in that monetary spending.

We’ll take blogging about blogging as an example because all of you guys are familiar with it and a lot of people try to jump into this field and fail miserably. You know all of those list posts about “how to blog”, “how not to blog”, “how to get more readers”, etc?! They are worthless. Well…wait…let me rephrase that…they are worthless if you are not selling a coaching program, offering up a free eBook about blogging for newsletter subscribers or complimenting that content with something that generates revenue for your blog.

Let’s take another example. On Bike198.com, I write a ton of tutorials about how to ride, how to become a better rider, etc. Every single one of these post have basically zero revenue by themselves. They do, however, attract a reader that is looking to become a better rider. This way…I am funneling traffic to my Ramped Riding eBook and my newsletter which are both profitable for the site. See what I mean about complimenting content with cash generating assets?

It is vital that you create a business model that promotes online spending by providing online resources that funnel traffic to your own products and services or the promotion of other people’s product and services.

Some Final Thoughts Cash Generating Blogs

The blogs that do this really well can make a great living online with smaller traffic. It is all about attracting the right reader and solving their problems by creating solutions that generate profit in your blogging. It is a win/win for both you and your readers and by providing these solutions…you are gaining their trust and positioning yourself as the expert in your field.

Just blogging is not a business model…but selling your own products and services or the promotion of other products and services (in the corporate world we call this a Rep) is a solid business model that can grow with time.

If you are expecting to have a small amount of traffic convert well with affiliate banners and PPC campaigns, you are going to be constantly counting pennies while the bloggers that do this the right way are counting 5 to 6 figure incomes with the same amount of traffic.