I have been lurking around the Problogger.com forum (and posting some) for quite awhile now, and one of the forum members brought up a great question. If you had one piece of advice to give a new blogger looking to make it as a problogger…what would it be?

While there were some pretty good responses to the question, I want to share mine with you and then explain why.

#1 Piece of advice…

Most bloggers fail because the do not take action. You can blog on just about anything you want and be successful if you take action. Instead of spending your time telling everyone what you are going to do…actually do it.

Why do you think bloggers “give away” a lot of their secrets to making money online and growing successful blogs? They are not worried about competition in most cases because they know the vast majority of the readers will move onto another source of “learning” without taking action on the steps they just read.

It is a lot easier to jump from blog to blog or ebook to ebook soaking in all the knowledge. It is hard to take actions on those steps and have the discipline to hold yourself accountable.

And that really is the #1 piece of advice I give new bloggers because it is true.

I had a talk not too long ago with a very influential blogger who runs a very successful business and membership site. He was asked a very interesting question during an interview that caught my attention and I share the same opinion when it comes to his answer. Now…I can’t find the exact interview so bare with me as I ad lib what was said.

The interviewer asked him, “How many of your students will actually make a lot of money blogging?”

His answer, “Probably around 5-10% if that…while you can give everyone all of the information to become successful, it is still on their shoulders to take the action. Most people fail to take that action.”

If you want to be successful at anything. Whether it be blogging, sports, work, school or walking down the street, you have to take action to see the goal. There are so many people in this world that talk about having a better life, losing weight, getting into better shape, making more money, saving for retirement or eating better, but there is a very small percentage that actually take the action and hold themselves accountable to achieve that goal. Instead, they move onto the next “great idea” that they are not going to act on as well.

Have you ever run into that guy that is always talking about his great idea, but it never comes to fruition? It is because all he is doing is talking! If he would take half the time he is spending telling you how great his idea is and use that to take action on it…it would have been done already!

If you take one thing from this blog…it needs to be that success does not come without taking action. You can jump from blog to blog reading up on all the great ideas in the world, but you are not going to see one ounce of success without actually trying it out and seeing what happens.