Are You Leaving Serious Money On The Table?!

You already know by now that I am a huge cheerleader for having an email newsletter on your blog if you want to make any kind of significant income. I have beat that point to death so hopefully you are already using Aweber or some other email delivery program to jump start your earnings.

Now…you might have already setup with quality content hitting  your auto-responder series and are off and kickin’ with a great start or an established list, but…you might be leaving a serious amount of money on the table by not doing one simple task that takes all of 5 minutes to complete. No really…I’m serious…5 minutes and you are opening up a killer revenue stream that 99% of bloggers that I follow aren’t even doing.

Blog Broadcast Messages: An Untapped Resource

One of the really cool features within Aweber is the ability to broadcast out a message once your blog hits a specified number of new posts to your list via your RSS feed. This is a great way to bring subscribers back to your blog and keep them in constant contact. A blog broadcast message does several things for my blogs:

  • Broad broadcast emails have the highest open and click through percentages (readers get used to looking for them).
  • My highest traffic days on the blog are blog broadcast days (Darren Rowse did a post about this same thing on DPS).
  • Most of my readers have no clue about RSS or feed readers, so the blog broadcast acts as their subscription.

It is all about providing different options, and this almost weekly (I have it set to send out when there are 5 new posts) email is a great, fundamental resource for my blogs.

Where Most Bloggers Go Wrong With Blog Broadcast Emails

99.9% of bloggers love the feature in Aweber with the blog broadcast, but where they go wrong is simple. Almost all bloggers using this feature setup the broadcast message and then leave it! That’s right…you are probably doing the same thing right now. Aweber makes it incredibly easy to setup, so it is an afterthought after the process is complete. Why would you change anything, it’s automatic right?!

Well…as I said previously, my blog broadcast emails have some of the highest open rates on my newsletter, so naturally…I am going to want to extract as much as possible out of them and this is how I do it.

Monetizing Your Blog Broadcast Emails

Like anything else in Aweber, your email messages are formatted. With the blog broadcast email, you have some necessary fields there that extract the title and excerpt from your feed and list it in the email. However, while you have to include those fields, the rest of the email is editable by you at any point in time.

Want to unlock a new monetization stream? All it takes is planning ahead and paying a little bit of attention!

I keep a constant watch on my blog broadcast message to see when it is going to go out next. A couple of minutes before I hit the publish button of the article that is going to send out the broadcast, I head over to Aweber and edit the email.

Edit broadcast newsletter email

The two spots in green were added in directly before I hit publish on the article that will trigger the blog broadcast to be sent out to my newsletter subscribers.

How Do I Decide What To Put In My Blog Broadcast?

Typically, you are not doing a “hard sell” email when you are sending out a broadcast. It is a “keeping everyone informed” style email so you need to treat what you add to it in the same manner if you want to keep its effectiveness. Here are some examples of what I add to my blog broadcasts in Aweber to make some extra income with my most successful and consistent email string.

  • Updates from major online retailers (like you see in the bottom box above).
  • Coupon codes and hot deals in the industry (like the top box that is not even an affiliate link…you don’t always have to promote things you are getting paid for).
  • Announcements about the site.
  • Paid links (Google can’t penalize your newsletter!).
  • Affiliate links.

As you can probably start to figure out…the possibilities are endless and it literally takes only a couple of minutes worth of work and the ability to think ahead and plan a little bit. By doing so, you are tapping into your emails that have the highest open percentage and click through rates in a manner that is generating revenue on your blog. Are you doing anything like this with your blog broadcast? Probably not…

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