10 thoughts on “Are You Leaving Serious Money On The Table?!

  • John Paul Aguiar

    Very Nice… I use broadcasts for the same reason, but I’m one of those bloggers that set it and forgot it..lol

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Great points you mention there regarding broadcast emails.

    Actually, many people do not even know that the broadcast feature exists or what’s it for.

    You are right, not doing broadcasts is like leaving money on the table.

    Thanks for sharing this tip.


  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Guilty as charged!

    I’ve set mine up and do no changes to it…time to change!

    Thanks for the prompt and reminder.


  • Billy

    Hey Robb,

    Great article, but I have a question. Do you only send out the blog broadcast to people who have opted into your newsletter via your ebook? The subscription box in the “stay connected” box is handled by Feedburner and not AWeber, correct?

    Currently I’m using Aweber’s broadcast feature (not blog broadcast) to send out my post updates and newsletter items. I’m wondering if I should separate the newsletter (Aweber) and blog subscription (Feedburner) portions as you do. Could you tell me the advantages to that?

    • Robb Sutton

      The blog broadcast is a function of Aweber, so you can not send that through Feedburner…it just uses your feed to construct the email.

      I keep them separate. There are people who will want to subscribe to your articles and not your newsletter, so they have that ability through RSS or Email through Feedburner. The newsletter subscription includes exclusive content and other emails that make it an actual newsletter.

      I see RSS and Newsletters as two different assets to blogging that are handled completely differently.

      • Billy

        Thanks for the advice. That’s a topic I’ve been on the fence about and it’s a relief to hear you put it so clearly. I think I’ll go the keep them separate route. Plus it will make delivering the blog updates easier since that is handled by my feed.

  • Rick Byrd @ MarketingWithRick.com


    I have my follow-up emails set-up but have not used the broadcast option yet.

    Do you create your broadcasts each day depending on what’s going in your niche or do you create the broadcasts in advance and schedule them to go out on certain days and times?

    – Rick

    • Robb Sutton


      The blog broadcast (when setup) automatically goes out when you hit a set number of recent posts. You can specify days and times it goes out if you want to, but mine just hits shortly after the post that triggers it is published.

      It is completely separate than your other broadcast messages.

  • The Dividend Ninja


    Great post! I am migrating my RSS Feed from FeedBurner to AWeber. My question for you is do you prefer to send out Full Posts or Excerpts?


    • Robb Sutton

      I actually write a personal message and then include a link. I use my email broadcasts as another chance to communicate with readers.

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