In life, there are millions of things a day trying to throw us off track. If we really take the time to look, at every corner there are temptations to go astray and give into things that – in the end – are not good for us or the people around us.

This can be simple things like procrastination to one of the 7 deadly sins, so how do we go throughout life making each day better than the last in our quest to be happier, healthier and richer (not just monetarily)?

I Strive To Become The Man In My Dog’s Eyes

Every day, I come home to two happy faces that can make any rough day great. I can be cussing up a storm walking through the garage, but it seems to all be ok once I open the door and there are two Boxers begging for attention (so exciting that their entire rear end is wagging with their tails). Dogs do not see your flaws or have any really sense of time. They live in the moment and remember you as the best thing ever as you make voices and sounds you wouldn’t ever do in public. You are their owner and you are the one that scratches that favorite spot behind their ear, so you are perfect in every way. You make them happy no matter what as you are the purest form of companionship and good in their lives.

In my life, I am constantly trying to live up to that standard of happiness, joy and love that can be found in its purest form through the eyes of a happy dog. Am I very good at it? Not really. This is one aspect of my life that I am really trying to concentrate on now as I need to stop letting others determine my thoughts, moods and actions. I need to focus on the good and take action on those activities that are going to improve my life and the life of those around me.

There are going to be people in every one of our lives that would rather see you fail than succeed. Whether they intentionally try to put you down or just subconsciously make remarks that get under your skin, you have to remember that this is your one and only life. Are you going to let the thoughts and actions of others determine how you live? Are you going to let those same people compromise the standards you have set for yourself? Are you going to continue to be that person that your dog sees instead of what the world wants you to be? It is a difficult road to walk. Attention comes to those that do wrong and more press surrounds the bad rather than the good, so it is our job to step up for the good and make the most out of our lives. After all…we are the only ones that can make that change…no one is going to do it for us.