OK! I admit it! I am nothing but a big geek, nerd or whatever other term you use to describe the socially inept. No…the picture to the right is not me, but that is what I feel like on the inside.

My clothes don’t match.

I stare at my iPhone 3GS constantly.

My laptop goes with me everywhere.

Terms like RAM, GHZ, and Front Side Bus get me excited.

I’m an economics major and my wife is an engineer.

I’d rather stare at a computer screen than hit a late night club.

I have been Apple Computer obsessed since the days of the Apple Classic and have never personally owned a Windows based machine.

I will pick restaurants that have free wifi over food quality.

I even know every word to “Ice Ice Baby”.

I talk server talk with the owner of my hosting company (sorry Alex…you are a big geek too!)

I have hours of conversation surrounding Ruby On Rails and WordPress with a best friend that I haven’t actually met in person (another big geek…Justin Shattuck)

What can I say…it is who I am. I’ve come to grips with it. The only real thing that I use as a disguise is a set of contacts and a wife that makes sure that I don’t look like an idiot in public.

Chances are…if you are reading this post or playing on the internet through blogs and other social media…you can at least relate a little bit or you are ready to get into a geek war over who has it the worst.

Luckily, the past couple of days are going to really satisfy my inner geek syndrome. Yesterday night, Apple released the new Facebook 3.0 app for the iPhone (it is a killer upgrade by the way) and right now I am awaiting delivery of my new copy of Snow Leopard (the latest Mac operating system upgrade for those of you not in the know). So…as you can probably tell, my inner geek is all primed and ready for some computer/smart phone testing. Stayed tuned and I’ll spread the sickness by “reviewing” these upgrades soon.