Do you ever feel like you are having an internal conversation with yourself that is going nowhere? There is a decision to be made and there is no sense of a resolution in sight as you continually weigh both sides of the issue and argue with yourself in search of an answer. You are in a clone meeting as you battle back and forth with your own thoughts in search of that one answer that is going to solve your needs. Many times, we spend far too much time trying to argue with ourselves and less time trying things out and just seeing what happens!

Resolution Through Action

The situation above is best described as getting stuck. You are getting stuck in your own thoughts instead of getting out of your head and into action. How many great ideas in this world have gotten railroaded thanks to the internal debate that never ended? How many times have you just let things go because you could not make up your mind? What if every great thinker decided that it was just easier to give up during the thought process rather than work it out and test ideas?

You need to ask yourself those questions while you continually think of ideas that need to be put into action. Every minute of every day your mind is working at something. Most of these thoughts end up being fleeting mind wanders or grocery lists, but every now and then we have that glimpse of a great idea that could become a reality. As we continually weigh out the good and bad of our great idea, we are wasting time that could be put into action do due lack of confidence in our abilities or the idea.

Action is the only way you will stop your internal debate and find the answers you are looking for. This testing is essential as you continue to mold your ideas into something that works. As much as we all wish that the perfect formula for success would fall upon our craniums like a beam of light from the sky…that is not reality and that is not going to happen. We have to turn our thoughts and ideas into action and real steps that are taken in the real world outside of the electric firings that equal thoughts in our heads.

It is Time to Get Unstuck

It is time. It is time to get those ideas in your head and covert them into action and testing. Your idea might fail miserably, but at least you tried and learned something for the next round. Not every idea is going to be a massive success that throws you into the life you always dreamed of. It is work, but by taking your thoughts and converting them into action…you are taking one more step towards your dream that most people in this world never take. I am sure that there is at least one person in your life that is full of the best ideas on the planet (that they tell everyone on a regular basis), but their place in society never changes because they do more talking than action. You are going to be different. You are going to take those thoughts and ideas and convert them into action that will see a result.

It is easy to talk about how great you think something is in your head…it is a much different animal to convert the thoughts into action and see the results. You can’t be afraid to fail…and you also can’t be afraid to succeed. Get out of the clone meeting and try something new…

Clone Meeting image by choking sun