I write a lot on robbsutton.com about enjoying life and ways to make your life better through self improvement. What you guys are not aware of…is why I write articles that center around this general concept. My #1 major goal in life is to live a happy life 24/7. For many, this seems like an unreasonable and unattainable goal and maybe trying for a perfect 100% is a little far fetched. But…keeping it as a goal…keeps me motivated.

When I write more “motivational” styled articles, I am writing them just as much for me as I am for you guys. For me, it becomes real when I put my thoughts on a page. I no longer have an excuse not to act on my random thoughts of self improvement. I have made them real by sharing with others and by that sharing…I have now put myself in a position of action. So as you see more posts on robbsutton.com that motivate you to do something different than the normal routine…just remember…I am right there with you every step of the way as I continue to try to act on the same goals. We are never going to be perfect and there is no end in this quest, but that does not mean we can’t try. By finding enjoyment in the simple things and working hard towards the bigger accomplishments, we are able to go through our one and only life with the knowledge that we are making the best of every minute.

As I go through each day, I try not to let the little things derail what could be another enjoyable day in the life of Robb Sutton. Instead, I try to enjoy life…one minute at a time…

Image by jontintinjordan