Much of blogging and making money online is getting yourself out there and in the public’s eye. For many bloggers and people in general, this can be a hard task to accomplish as you continue to throw yourself to the wolves. Finding success in blogging is accomplished by taking that risk and really putting your feeling and personality into your content. Naturally, your mind is going to want to tell you that everyone else is right and you are not good enough. Who would want to listen to you anyway? What do you have to offer? Maybe I just just give up and not try. Giving in to that fear of failure is much easier than looking it in the face, so why delay the inevitable?

While these questions sound silly when you say them out loud, they are real fears bloggers face as you continually, day in and day out, generate content and open yourself to the public. In all reality, the more you show yourself in your blogging…the more success you will see, but with self doubt and naysayers trying to rain on your parade…it can be hard to push over the edge and continue towards your goals.

For me…that was not an easy task to complete. Even as I achieve each milestone my blogging, I have to remind myself to constantly lay it on the line. Are there people out there who just want to put others down? Yes…and there always will be. Are you going to run into differing opinions? Absolutely…if everyone was the same…the world would be a boring place.

The trick is getting over fear and self-doubt to achieve the goals you have set for your life and your business online. I have said this time and time again…

You are the only one that stands in your way to success.

The reason I repeat this phrase a lot is not because I have found the holy grail to success and you should absorb every single one of my words as gospel. I say that phrase over and over again to remind myself of that same theory. We have the ability within ourselves to achieve things in this world that you never thought were possible. The difference between the successful and the “could have beens” is that the successful believe in themselves and their ideas.

Is it going to take hard work to get there? You bet. Are there going to be people that try to bring you down? Unfortunately…but your drive and your belief in your own abilities is what drives you forward toward your goals. It is not ego or looking down on others…it is honestly believing that you can accomplish what you have set out to do…and that is the first step in becoming successful in life and in business.

Self Doubt Image by obo-bobolina