Do you ever wake up and feel like there was a party you weren’t invited to? Like there is some kind of roadblock in your way or a secret key you forgot to pick up? You are taking in all of the advice, doing all of the work, planning your future but it is all not coming as fast as you would like. Why is it coming for others faster than it is coming for me? They are doing the same things I am…what gives?!

There is some point in time when EVERYONE feels like this as they grow their blogs, their businesses and their personal lives. It is a natural part of progression and if forces you to take a deep look inside yourself and your actions to evaluate where you are and where you are headed. Why is it that some people seem to just ooze success while others (who seem to be doing everything correctly) are like a duck on water. Everything looks calm on the outside but their legs are moving like crazy just to get a little forward motion.

The Problem With Too Much Advice

One of the major road blocks to success is too much advice. I know…funny thing to hear on a blog where I give advice but stick with me for a second it will all make sense.

When beginning bloggers and entrepreneurs hit the ground running looking to make a life for themselves instead of being reliant on others, they take in as much information as humanly possible. This learning stage we all go through is part of the process of wrapping your mind around the industry and where you have to head to get things rolling. This learning process is vital, but also self defeating in some ways.

There is such thing as too much advice.

At some point in time in every successful blogger or entrepreneurs career, they came up with an original thought. The ebook, course, product, style, etc. was different than anything else the market had seen up until that point, or it was so much better than the competition that it left no other alternative (this can be content driven as well). This original thought was unique to their business and brought it over the hump and off the plateau of small growth into successful, large growth.

You are not going to find your unique idea in an ebook or ecourse, you are going to have to apply the knowledge you have learned to provide your market with something unique and useful to separate yourself out from everyone else who is absorbing advice! What are you doing to do that is different and new? That is the question you need to ask yourself once the learning process is complete.

Outside of the original idea, many people get stuck in the learning process. They spend most of their time reading and learning instead of trying and doing. This sponge absorption trap will constrict you from trying new things and actually getting out there, so take a look at how you spend your time closely. You might be constricting yourself from the beginning by not allowing yourself enough time to actually try techniques instead of reading about them.

As you start to grow your blogs and businesses, start asking yourself…

  • What am I doing that is unique?
  • How am I spending my time?
  • What can I do today to separate myself from the pack?

When you start to answer those types of questions, you are tearing down the road blocks to drive down the road to success.