Look…I wish I could tell you life was easy. I wish I could tell you that money changes everything and you will just be living the good life until you rest blissfully in the clouds. I wish all of that was true, but…the reality is…it isn’t. In life, we are going to be faced with roadblocks both personally and professionally. There are going to be those people that do not want to play by the rules, are only out for themselves and could care less about how their actions affect your life and what you are trying to accomplish.

As we go through life, our goal is to try to minimize these roadblocks and design our life so that we are not dependent upon other people. The more we are dependent, the more our livelihood is determined by someone else. They decide what you are worth…they decide how you spend your time…you are left to try to make the most out of a situation while living inside rules that someone else has set for you.

Other people setting the rules in your life is a huge roadblock to your success. In today’s economy, it is not uncommon to see layoffs, pay cuts and real monetary hardships. The gut reaction is to blame someone else. You want someone to point the finger at to take ownership of your pain and struggles. That person is the roadblock to what you want in life. If it wasn’t for them…everything would be fine.

I am here to tell you that you are the roadblock. Your faulty thinking of placing that blame on someone else is misguided. Your own thinking is blocking you from achieving a life that you have in your head. It is not the other guy…it is you. By focusing all of your mental capacity on why it is not your fault but the fault of someone else, you are using valuable mind real estate on something that is not productive.

This is your chance. This is your chance to step out of the ordinary and achieve something great. This is the kick in the ass that you need to conquer your own roadblocks in life. By changing your thought process and focusing on positive goals, you can end up with that ideal life. You can look back on today and say “that was the day everything changed for me”. Some of us need a drastic kick in the ass or roadblock to steer us off our boring life course. We need that shake up to really get things rolling.

With every roadblock…you are given a choice. Are you going to conquer the roadblock or just be another victim? And that is a choice only you can make…

Roadblock Image by Old Sarge