The 12 week appointment marks a pivotal point in a pregnancy…time to let the world in on your little secret.

This morning we headed into our 12 week appointment to find out that everything is going great. The heartbeat is still strong at 175 bpm, it was very easy to find and my wife is incredibly healthy. That was perfect news for us as we prepare to go to the more complicated 3D ultrasound later this week to measure the spine and do several other checks.

With everything in line, it is time to announce we are pregnant!

Everyone has their own way of doing things. Thanks to social media (aka. Facebook), we are able to let the world know like never before. After letting family know, I knew I wanted to do something a little bit different to let the cat out of the bag…so I made this video.

Now that the first trimester is ending…it is time to really get excited! (and start preparing)