What is the #1 killer of bloggers and their blogs? Is it heart disease? Smoking? Cancer? Car wrecks? No…it is not believing in yourself  and falling prey to self doubt. Self doubt is actually believing you are not capable of achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations. Giving into the feelings of low self worth to the point that you believe the voices in your head telling you that you are not able to do it…people are not going to like it…you should do it like that other guy…why would anyone want to read what I have to say…the stats are not where I want them to be right now…I should just quit…not like I am really losing anything anyway…it is probably better off…it is just too hard…

Your mind wanders. It is a natural part of being human. The problem arises when self doubt starts to take over and you get into a spiral of negative thinking that eventually leads to lack of productivity and eventual surrender. 99% of blogs that do not make it is not because of lack of talent or willingness to succeed. 99% of blogs that fail…fail because they give up too early (typically right before it starts getting really good) and give into the thoughts in their head…the guy down the street…the family member that doesn’t understand.

Overcoming Self Doubt In The Pursuit Of Success

The world is filled with people that will want to bring you down. It will always be easier to be a critic than create…and the critic is always louder than the creator. It is your job to rise above the noise and believe in yourself and your capabilities. No one is going to jump down from the heavens and give you the confidence needed to make it in this world. If you really want to make it big…stop being another statistic…and start writing your own rules in life…you are going to have to find that confidence from within. You are going to have to believe that you are good enough…strong enough…and capable of making your dreams a reality.

If you give in and make your naysayers right…you are the only one that loses. Celebrate your small successes along the road. Every success is another step forward in your pursuit. Fight off the feelings of self doubt by focusing on the positive. Every blogger, entrepreneur and successful life connoisseur started with an idea. They did not start with success…

As you go through the day, think of ways to bring positive light to your achievements. Continue to grow your dreams by focusing on those achievements and lay out the steps for the next. Everyday is not going to be perfect. There are going to be roadblocks along the way, but through believing in yourself and ridding your life of the thoughts that bring you down…you have a fighting chance at hitting your goals and achieving the life you want to live.

All around you…you can see those that give in. They let the world determine their worth. They give into self doubt. That is not going to be you.

Image by rbbaird