The AMPLIFI HD Mesh Router Review You NEED To Read

by Robb Sutton

Below is the direct transcription of my Amplifi HD review video above. I cover the specs, overall user experience and one aspect to this mesh router setup that is not covered in any other review and will effect a certain percentage of Amplifi HD customers. Hit up the comments section of the article or on Youtube if you have any questions and please take a minute to subscribe

Review / Amplifi HD Mesh Router Wifi System

Before we get started what is a mesh network the idea behind a mesh network is. A mesh network makes it so that you don’t have multiple routers to cover a really long distance…so what you have is your router then 2 radio transmitters that talk to this router and increase your Wi-Fi space without having to have multiple signal routers mixes you can have one network spread over a really long distance.

This is the Amplifi HD retail cost a 349 on Amazon right now you can get it for $311.99. I’ll link that up in the summary below. So why did I pick this specific one from Amplify? All of the specs are pretty comparable in so it really comes down to what your personal preference. What I wanted was a router I could finally have out in the living room without my wife getting when we looked at this Amplifi HD with its LED underneath and this LED screen it was the best-looking one on the market that I could get and it wouldn’t look like a huge eyesore the house.

Amplifi HD Review

If you look at some of the competitions and mesh networks and their high-end router systems, unless you’re in some kind of major tech environment they really don’t look good in the house and typically you want to hide them somewhere which can also affect your signal.

Amplifi HD Setup

Amplify uses a really cool app that hooks up via Bluetooth to your phone. Initial setup took about – I don’t know – five minutes and max and then you’re able to set up all your guest networks, throttle your other connections, peek on the kids in your house if you want to…all of that is directly through the app and the really cool thing is if you hook the app up to your Facebook account you could check all those stats and everything remotely. That means if you’re on the road and your family’s at home you can diagnose problems or you can even just shut your kid’s iPhone off if you want to.

Amplifi HD Specs

I’m not gonna really go into the full tech specs on this thing just know that it has every single option available right now when it comes to mesh systems or routers.

Amplifi HD Review

You are going get the fastest possible speed we can another right now and it’s pretty future proof as far as Internet connections go. We have Gigabit here at the house from AT&T which is a guaranteed six hundred and something down wired. Typically we see in the eight nine hundred range.

Amplifi HD Mesh Points

So these are the mesh points. They are magnetically connected so they’re easy to kind of adjust around and they won’t break off if a kid hits them or or anything else. All you have to do is plug these into an outlet in your house the app takes care of the rest. It will even show you your signal strength so you can get these as far away from the router as possible amplify says you can get up to 20,000 square feet of coverage real Wi-Fi with these things which is pretty big. What that does allow us to do is get a lot more coverage in our yard driveway basement places that had typically gotten a really weak signal strength even with some of the stronger routers that we have had in the house.

One big issue with the Amplfi HD…

So just like with everything nothing’s perfect right? While the router looks awesome and you want to put it out in your living room…the mesh points are something that you really kind of want to hide especially since they’re just coming out of a random wall outlet in your house. They can look kind of large.

There is one major issue of the Amplifi HD right now it’s only going to cover a small percentage of buyers. Unfortunately, that’s us so with gigabit connections and they amplify your download speed severely degrades unless you’re running in bridge mode so as you can see from this video as soon as we just switch it in and out of bridge mode through the app…the download speed significantly decreases. Amplifi is aware of the problem they’re supposed to be coming out with a new firmware to fix that issue. The problem is is we have zero timeline on when that’s gonna happen so as of right now I’m running this thing in bridge mode and I’m not able to run guest networks or use some of the other features of the device. That’s a little bit annoying the good thing is they do know about it the problem is is I don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed.

Review of the Amplifi HD

Overall, I’m really happy with it. So far the firmware issue is a big one for me but as soon as they release the update to that we should be off and rolling and using all the features. Amplify literally says about this device…

Show it off proudly your router is no longer something to hide.

…and they’re right. You can put it central to your house and not have to worry about how it’s gonna look it doesn’t have to be tucked in a corner somewhere or you know relegated to your office and then that makes it so you can put it more central to your house and get the mesh points farther away and get better Wi-Fi coverage through your entire property. Would I recommend one at this point in time? Absolutely…the only issue really is the gigabit connection and that should be fixed soon. Most people don’t have those kind of connection at their house so if you have just your regular you know 25-150 mb you’re gonna get your full speeds and full features out of the device. Mine should be fixed into the firmware update. Look if you have any more questions, comments, personal experiences on the device hit up the comments section below I’ll do my best to respond to all of them otherwise subscribe button is over there thanks for watching talk to you guys later.

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