The Moment Of Truth: Finding Out The Sex Of Our Baby!

by Robb Sutton
3D Ultrasound Image

Things have been pretty quiet around here at The Clueless Dad and for good reason, things are going well and not much is going on when they are! Other than hearing the heart beat again a couple of days ago, the doctor’s appointments are now every 4 weeks and…unless something is wrong…it is kind of smooth sailing during this stage.

My wife finally came out of the 1st trimester sickness and we are enjoying watching her get bigger as the weeks progress. It is almost as if she popped over night and now she gets to enjoy starting to actually look pregnant.

It’s Time To Find Out The Sex Of The Baby

About a week ago, I noticed my wife was getting a little anxious. Our “find out the sex” doctor’s appointment was not for another couple of weeks, but at this point in time of the pregnancy (17 weeks)…you can already tell…and she wanted to know. After she casually mentioned the 3D ultrasound facility a couple of times, we made a decision to go and find out the sex of our kid.

I know a lot of to be parents either want one or the other…but we really didn’t care either way. My line up until this point had been, “I just want healthy and human…everything else is just a bonus.”

That said…I had mentally prepared myself for it being a girl. I am not really sure why. I guess we naturally make a decision in our heads on what the outcomes of situations are so we can try to best prepare ourselves for whats ahead. My wife on the other hand had mentally prepared herself for a boy, so at least we were covered on both ends!

Last night, we headed to Baby’s First Images to get the ultrasound completed. It is kind of a specialty office that takes baby pictures and has the cool 3D ultrasound equipment so you can see your baby rolling around. For about 80 bucks, you walk away with short video clips and a bunch of digital pictures after your 15 minute session.

The Moment Of Truth…

We went in the room and got everything setup. After they pour the blue slime all over my wife’s belly, they put on the ultrasound reader and it was plain as day what we were having within 5 seconds.

Baby Sutton is a Boy

I even knew before they said anything! We are having a baby boy! I am sure he will greatly appreciate me posting his parts up online someday…

The room got kind of quiet and we both looked at each other smiling. The techs in the room said congratulations and we moved on to the 3D portion of the scan. Now…I am posting the pictures and short video clip here so everyone can see, but at 17 weeks the baby is still really young. He looks kind of funny in there!

3D Ultrasound Image

The session is 15 minutes long so we spent the rest of the time watching him stretch, cover his face with his hands and pretty much just make himself at home. Part of the fun process of this entire appointment was actually the fact that we could talk about him while looking everything over instead of it.

Buying Our First Boy Clothes

Once we were done with the appointment, I wanted my wife to have a little bit of fun with the fact we were having a boy, so I took her over to Buy Buy Baby to pick up a coupe of things. She has had this “Daddy’s All Star” outfit in her head for forever (this was an idea she had before we even met), so we went and got him a pinstriped outfit.

It really kind of tapped off a great day and now we know exactly what we are having. Now onto the next step…we have to name him!

Video Of Him Moving Around

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Rachael May 20, 2011 - 2:09 am

We are busy trying to conceive at the moment and your posts are such a positive read when I get anxious about the wait. Gorgeous pics already. Enough to make this wanna be mama tear up. 

Robb Sutton May 20, 2011 - 2:23 pm

Keep at it! Ours was a really long road and I think we are still in a bit of shock that it actually happened. Good luck!

Joel Williams May 20, 2011 - 10:13 pm

 Awesome Robb, congrats!


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