Letting others affect our decisions and dreams

by Robb Sutton

There has been a quote from Henry Ford that has been ringing through my head all week long…

Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.

He is 100% correct and quotes like this are why Henry Ford is a legend in modern business and thinking. The reason this quote has been going through my head over and over again this week is that I stumbled upon a revelation in my own mind. I am not a philosophical thinker by any means, but I started pondering why people don’t make it.

What it all boils down to…for me…is that far too often we allow other people, places and things control our thoughts and outcomes. Many of our great ideas and dreams are killed before they even get the chance to thrive because we take the words and opinions of others too seriously. This discouragement spreads like the plague and the negative attitude brings us to a boiling point where we start to believe the hype. Believing in yourself and your capabilities is the first step in making your life exactly what you want it to be.

When Henry Ford set out to make the automobile a common household item, everyone told him he was crazy, but through his belief in himself…he was able to make that dream a reality and in the process…innovate industry. Most people give up right before they are about to make it, and the tough reality is that they probably would have stuck through it with the support of others or the willpower and drive to push through the tough beginnings. I hear discouragement all around me on a daily basis, but it is up to you whether you want to buy into the hype.

Are you ready to make your dreams a reality, or are you going to buy into the crap that you hear from friends, family and random beings walking down the street? When you hear this attempt at crushing your dreams…just remember one thing…it is your life and only your life. Make your life what you want it to be outside the opinion of what others think. The only thing that separates you from a Bill Gates or Henry Ford is the willingness to ignore others, learn from your mistakes, celebrate your victories and make you dreams a reality. Never give up right before you are going to make it.


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paulo May 1, 2009 - 8:21 am

Success is a State of Mind. That is a very powerful idea. Great thoughts Robb.

Justin Shattuck May 2, 2009 - 12:07 am

I really hope my opinions and expertise aren’t becoming negative for you. Just kidding. You are doing well man. Been a pleasure to team up on ideas. I guess I have the freedom to just about do whatever, but it came from working with people like you and telling everyone else to suck on an egg (Insert better phrase there. )

Having a round of scotch and stoges. Have a sweet weekend.

Robb Sutton May 2, 2009 - 5:46 am

@ paulo

That it is! Thanks man!

@ Justin Shattuck

Thanks J…things are getting rolling…now it is just time to capitalize. Enjoy the weekend!

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