Handicapped without the parking space…

by Robb Sutton

My first post on robb sutton dot com…and it seems rather fitting. Do you ever get the feeling that you are handicapped without the parking space?

Sometimes…it seems like you are being held back for no reason while others get the breaks. In reality…you have to make your own breaks in life. The greatest things come out of the people that work the hardest…productively…towards a goal. Those that wait on handouts…will always be waiting.

Make your own happiness in your life. You will be surprised how far you can really get when you put your mind to it. Have one of those ideas that you always though you should try? TRY IT! What is the worst that can happen?

Life is what you make it…and you need  to start making it what you want it to be…not what others are forcing upon you.

The time is now!

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