Breed More Comments On Your Blog Article

by Robb Sutton

Having a hard time getting comments on your blog article? Comments are an incredible way to bring interaction with your readers. Before you write a blog post, answer this question…would I comment on this article?

If you would not…here are some tips to breed more comments on your blog posts.

Have a defined opinion

People often comment when the agree or disagree strongly with a subject. If you are around the middle of the road or don’t have a clearly defined opinion, do not expect a lot of comments on your blog article. Make sure that your message is clear and precise. Your audience will feed off of your stance and it should create great conversation.


Have you ever asked for comments? If you haven’t…this is a road you should try immediately. Asking for conversation and comments on blog articles is a clear call to action for your readers. Ask of their opinions, experiences or general thoughts on your blogging subject. Normally, this is done at the end of a blog article and can be very effective. Make sure that your opinions are clearly defined in the blog post as mentioned above. This will give your readers a basis on which to start.

Interact with submitted blog comments

I have heard this one a lot, and it is because it works. Interacting with your blog readers is the fastest way to breed more comments on your blog article. I typically recommend only responding with valid conversation pieces rather than “thanks for commenting!”. When you can really interact with your blog readers and their opinions/thoughts, you will create the want for other readers to join in the conversation.

Interacting with your blog’s readers is another way to increase traffic and returning visitors. Most readers want to feel like they are an active part of your blog…so by answering emails and comments…you are further promoting the social atmosphere of your blog.

Be Controversial

As mentioned in this post, being controversial in your blog articles can create a lot of traffic, but it can also bring a lot of commenting to your blog. Do you best to stay level headed during this time and answer your blog comments on controversial subjects respectfully. You must resist the temptation to jump into the gutter with slanderous comments and remember that they are great for traffic and subsequent comments.

More on Comments

This normally goes without saying, but you are not going to have comments without traffic. Even if your traffic is very low right now, you can invite friends and family to join in on the conversation to give the illusion of traffic and increase comments left on articles during the early stages in the game. You need to continue writing articles and creating value to your blog and the comments and traffic will come with time. You have to be willing to write when no one is listening and continue to promote your blog.

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Paul March 21, 2009 - 4:47 am

It is ironic that there were no comments so here you go 😀

A great read btw.

Paul’s last blog post..Mountain biking at Hamner Springs

Manish Chauhan July 21, 2009 - 11:14 pm

Thanks for these tips . They seem to be obvious , but then people really need to be told about this .

Another tip which I would like to give is , When some one comments , give the answer and still leave a little room for advice and ask others to fill in ,most of the people like to “fix things”. so they get back 🙂


Financial Planning July 12, 2010 - 12:25 am

Interacting through comments on blog is a very good way, to get involved and to engaged with the readers of your blog. Responding to the comments, is the best way to get socialize, after all its the comments of your readers, which makes your blog much better.


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