What should I blog about? I am interested in starting a blog…but what should I write about? I want to make money online but I do not know where to start. These are all examples of questions I (and other bloggers) have been asked over and over again when a potential, future blogger looks at getting into the business. When you are looking at getting into the world of blogging – or looking for your next big idea – there is one way to find that perfect blogging topic that will bring you success. You just need to ask yourself that one simple question. Really? Just one simple question? Well that sounds easy! That is because it is!

What would you blog about for free?

Free? I thought we were going to make some cash from this! Sounds like a stupid question when you are looking to actually profit from this online venture, but it is the only way you are going to find your next successful blogging niche. If you look at 99.9% of successful blogs on in the internet, they all started because the blogger WANTED to write on the topic at hand. They did not start the blog as a get rich quick online extravaganza…they wanted to put their thoughts on a screen about a topic they are passionate about. Yes…for those that are wondering…this includes the bloggers that blog about blogging and online marketing. They happen to be passionate on the subject and the monetary value is a bonus.

This sounds like a simple solution, but it is the one thing that most beginning bloggers overlook. They see these other bloggers making money from their writings online and the first thing they ask themselves is “what can I write about that will make money?” The #1 issue with this thoughtful thinking is that potential readers are going to cut through the BS and see your blog for what it really is…a feeble attempt at online income because you saw someone else do it.

When you are so passionate about your blogging topic that you are willing to throw up your engaging content on the computer screen for free, that comes through in your writing and readers will content with this passion. And…news flash…you are going to be making nothing at first anyway, so if you want your blog to withstand the test of time and prevent blogger burnout…you need to actually like what you are writing about anyway!

So…before you start up a new online venture…ask yourself…would I write about this for free?

Free Hugs image by kalandrakas