Blogging is an interesting beast. It can bring you the most joy in the world and it can be defeating as you pour your heart and soul into a project that – eventually – someone is going to disagree with. A successful blogger has a thick skin and can let trolls roll of their back but also appreciate a difference in opinion. Is everyone going to think you are the best thing ever? Absolutely not…if fact, it is some people’s mission in life to put down others in an attempt to make themselves feel better. So how to we tackle the blogging blues and keep moving forward?

What We Can Learn From Stewart Smalley About Blogging

Have a mirror? Remember Stewart Smalley from the old Saturday Night Live skits? It is time for a personal pep talk…

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.

As lame as that sounds in real life, it was a classic catch line in the days when SNL was hilarious. There was nothing quite like Michael Jordon starring into a mirror repeating those lines. Classic SNL sketch comedy.

Now…I am not telling you to go insane and start talking to yourself in the mirror like Stewart did to numerous famous stars, but it does prove a point. Part of being a business owner and blogger is having a thick skin and believing in yourself. You have to believe that your ideas are good enough to make it even when others try to put you down. You have to be able to take in a differing opinion and look at it objectively as you continue to grow your brand and your awareness.

It is up to you to fight over sensitivity and stay strong. No one likes a cry baby online and many bloggers have thrown in the towel on the verge of a great idea just because a couple people said something they didn’t like. It is your business and your livelihood…not the person who left the comment, replied on Twitter or told you your idea is horrible. They have nothing to lose…you have everything to lose. Are you going to let a couple of comments from some random person bring you down? Everyone answers that question with a strong “NO!”, but when it comes down to it…the disagreement keeps them up at night and they start to wonder if it is all worth it.

It is worth it…you just have to realize that disagreement and random flaming is part of the business and try to ignore those that just want to prove you wrong because they do not have the willingness to build something themselves.

I watch several different forums and blogs through out the industry and there is one thing that always makes me laugh. Have you ever seen a commenter make a really loud exit? “This blog is terrible! You used to have good content, now it is all junk. Thanks for wasting my time. I’m never coming back!” Then – a week later – they pop up on another article commenting! Like I said before, it is just part of the game. It will always be easier to criticize than create and – for that reason – there will always be more critics than creators.

Quite frankly, I do not have enough of an opinion if someone is not disagreeing with me at some point in time. 100% agreement is boring and constructive criticism and conversation is good for everyone. Having a defined opinion and the means to share that opinion with the world is what blogging was originally built around. Opinions are the foundation of blogging…so if you do not know what your opinion is…you need to find it and stand up for your beliefs! Why? Because…you are good enough, you are smart enough and dog-gone it…people like you!