Over the past couple of days, we have been working on helping D grab toys and work on basic motor skills. He started grabbing for stuff on his own…so we just started encouraging it by sitting him in his Bumbo with some hard toys around him. So far, he is doing really well with it. It is amazing to watch him really think about what he wants…then go after it.

We are starting to get into that fun stage where he becomes less and less of an infant and more of a baby. Things like tummy time, interaction with my wife and I and activities like this are starting to be a lot more fun for him and us. I am really stoked about the next couple of months. From what I have heard, 6 to 9 months is something really special.

On a side note, the iPhone 4S takes pretty damn good video if you have the right lighting. I just wish my hands wouldn’t shake.