As much as we would all like to fall into a niche that is uninhabited, with an extremely large audience and hugely profitable…that no longer exists. With thousands of new blogs starting up every day, each niche is becoming more and more crowded as everyone competes for readers and that elusive top spot where they can be the expert. When you are at the top of your game, the sky is the limit as you continue to breed success and enjoy the fruits of all of that hard work you have put in over time. With all of these thousands of pages on the internet, can you still be successful in an overly crowded niche?

How to have a successful blog in a crowded niche

Yes…it is possible, but there are certain things you are going to have to do differently if you want to be successful in a crowded niche. If you plan on blogging just like everyone else on your block, you are going to get frustrated as the readers just never seem to stay in your little corner of the web. So…lets run through it.

Sub Divide the Niche

I am sure you have heard some version of this before if you have done any research into blogging. If you are starting a blog in a overly populated niche, it is often times better to subdivide that niche into a smaller section that you can call your own. The competition for this specialty is going to be lower, and you can also expand in the future as you continue to grow your brand and your traffic.

Are you looking into stepping into the electronics/computer niche but don’t know where to start? Start to look at your strengths as they sit right now and capitalize on those as you start your blog. Do you know one section of the market better than the others? Start a blog that reviews and discusses just laptops, accessories or tutorials on how to use your laptop so efficiently that you will never need a desktop ever again. As you can see by this example, you are able to provide quality content to a select group that will grow a following. If you tried to start out with an extremely broad topic like computers, you are going to be competing with very well established blogs, so start in a smaller subdivision of the niche and grow with time.

Be Unique and Different

Are all of the blogs in your particular niche cookie cutter examples that could use to be stirred up a little bit? By being unique and finding your own voice in your blogging, you can find success where others have not by simply being different. There are blogs out there that have built their entire brand around their unique personality and the way they deliver their content. If you really want to start a blog in a saturated niche and be successful, you need to bring as much of yourself and your uniqueness into your blogging as you continue to try to grow a readership.

You never know, readers in that particular niche could be bleeding for someone new and exciting to step up and take the reigns.

Do It Better Than The Competition

Everyday, we see companies in the retail market step up and do something so much better than their competition that they blow everyone away. They studied their competition, realized their weaknesses and provided their strengths to the market. The massive success they see with their product is because they answered the needs of a market that was not getting serviced.

As you look at your potential blogging niche, what are the other guys not doing? Certain industries get stuck in the same routine and rarely look at how they could do things better because they are happy with their current situation. Often times, they are too large and bloated to make sweeping changes, so the way it was done yesterday is the way it is done today. If you come in with a better plan, better content and the ability to adapt and change to your environment, you will have a let up on your competition with the ability to do it one step better.

Just because there are a lot of blogs in your niche…does not not mean they are good. Step up and provide your audience with quality that they have not experienced. That will set you apart from the guys that are just going through the motions.

Yes: You can see success blogging in a saturated niche.

As you can see…you can be highly successful with your blog in a saturated niche. It just takes a little bit more analyzing to figure out what is going to work for you and your blog as you start the ultimate quest to becoming the expert in your field. You are going to get a lot of resistance from others who think it can’t be done, but I am here to tell you it can be successful if done correctly.

Quantity is not quality…and quality wins out in the end…

Image by Matthew Field