Some of the best information for bloggers is often how not to do something. You read tips on how to be a better blogger on a daily basis (sometimes multiple articles a day), but some of the true value is in mistakes.

Also, motivation is a key factor behind innovation and success, so a constant kick in the ass is the perfect ticket to new ideas and hard work. If you don’t like a little criticism to get the creative juices flowing…you are in the wrong line of work. Without further adieu…let me tell you why you suck.

39 Reasons Why You Suck

  1. You paraphrase instead of innovate.
  2. You think success comes through osmosis.
  3. You think “internet marketing” is spam.
  4. You already know everything.
  5. You are unteachable.
  6. You see a great idea and copy it instead of coming up with a great idea.
  7. “Hard work” is not one…but 2 four letter words to you.
  8. You talk about how easy others have it without knowing the full story.
  9. You have dozens of great ideas that you never act on.
  10. Everything is always going to be done tomorrow.
  11. You criticize the works of others more than your own.
  12. You think what you like must be what everyone likes.
  13. You rule out options because you do not understand them.
  14. You’ll drop bank on a TV’s but won’t spend a little a month on a newsletter service.
  15. You mock and criticize success and the people that achieve it.
  16. You can’t see that there are 2 sides to every story…and the truth lies in the 3rd…
  17. You are lazy.
  18. You have no plan.
  19. You have no goals.
  20. Your goals are not achievable.
  21. Your negativity rules your life.
  22. You live within a set of unchanging/strict rules that cannot be broken.
  23. You are not open minded.
  24. You are unwilling to try new things.
  25. Fear of failure keeps you from testing new ideas.
  26. You say “I can’t” more than you say “I can”.
  27. Your list of excuses is longer than your list of attempts.
  28. You have too many sentences that start with, “One day…”
  29. You do not live in the moment.
  30. You do not study your stats and trends.
  31. You do not have your own product.
  32. You do not promote the products of others.
  33. You let fear prevent you from reaching out to others for help.
  34. You forget to connect with people through words.
  35. You are bored.
  36. You would rather lie than admit fault.
  37. You lack consistency.
  38. You don’t deliver on promises.
  39. You put yourself above your readers.

Motivated yet?!

Image by gilesclement