Ok…I am really f’in sick and tired of this played out model that some bloggers are trying in attempt to make it to the “big time” without any time investment of their own. And I am calling you out right now to put an end to this crap…because that is what it is…crap.

The process usually goes something like this.

  1. They ask for you to answer some interview questions (I’m cool with that…so I answer them. 9 times out of 10 they are unoriginal and cookie cutter)
  2. They put these questions together into some kind of product that is free or paid (free…ok…paid…questionable but if it is packaged correctly it could work…ie…you put more into than just the interviews and there better be a damn good affiliate program)
  3. They then hound you and tell you how to promote it because they have no traffic or social reach. (wait…what?)

This model sucks. Why on Earth should I do all of the work for your product? Why am I building your list? Why is the only thing you have to provide for all of my work is your “hope” that everyone does exactly what you say without any credibility, to create exposure?

Oh yeah…and they want links back to their site that has a dozen posts and no real content.

For some reason, bloggers that have zero experience in creating successful sites have made the decision to try to piggyback off of the hard work of others and this has happened to me on more than one occasion lately. Does the “I don’t have an original idea so I need to get it from others in order to be successful” model really work? No…because people will just go to the real thing.

What happened to generating quality, unique content? Why is everyone trying to make it in the blogging/make money online niche by just rehashing the thoughts of others? Do you not have any real experience? If you do…why are you using mine?

So do I like doing interviews? Absolutely. It not only gives me a chance to other bloggers but it also gets my ideas out there. I have been interviewed and I have interviewed other bloggers. Do I think I should have to promote your product for you to be successful with nothing in return? No.

Whenever you look to others for help, you should always ask yourself…“am I offering more than what I am asking for?” In business, you are always trying to provide more value than your cost. If you are asking for more than you are giving, you are probably on the wrong track and need to rethink your strategy. In 99.9% of the cases I am talking about here, they are offering nothing and asking for a lot.