It is finally here! The ultimate eBook guide to review blogging. Ramped Reviews takes you step by step through every process in review blogging.

The Story Behind Ramped Reviews

As my cycling blog continued to grow, there was one question that continually flowed across my email inbox.

How do you get all of this product in to review?

For those of you that don’t already know, the reason my readers were asking this question was because Mountain Biking by 198 had seen over $70,000 in review product before it’s first year anniversary. I started searching the web looking for a resource that spelled out exactly what I was doing with MTB by 198 so that others could replicate my success with getting in free product to review for their blog. After a lot of searching and frustration, I realized…there was not a resource on the internet that taught bloggers, website owners and small publications how to get in free product to review for their readers.

After seeing this gaping hole in the internet marketing world, I decided to take on the task of creating an eBook that taught bloggers how to become pro review bloggers that receive thousands in free review product. On that day…the concept for Ramped Reviews was born. Since that day, we have pouring every bit of the review process into this eBook that is now available.

What do you get in Ramped Reviews?

You get every single step in the pro review blogger process.

  • Why bloggers get free product to review.
  • What your site needs to have before you start the pro reviewing process.
  • How to contact companies in your niche about free review product. (including a high converting sample letter)
  • The review process and how to write a successful product review including SEO review tactics that have landed my reviews on the front page of Google.
  • What to do after the review process is complete.
  • How to turn your product reviews into cash.
  • How to rapidly grow your blog through your free review product and product reviews.
  • Bonus Material

As you can see, Ramped Reviews is a complete resource for bloggers looking to get free review product for their blogs. This eBook took months to complete as we were exhaustive in finding every bit of information you guys need to be successful. We did not want to create an up-sale product that only gave you half of what you really needed. Ramped Reviews is a complete guide to pro review blogging and receiving free product to review on your blog.

So how do I get my own copy of Ramped Reviews?

Simple! Follow this link and click purchase.

Buy Ramped Reviews Now

For $20.00 (not a 19.99 marketing trick to make you feel like you won something…a flat 20 bones!), you get everything you ever needed to know about review blogging and getting in free product to review on your blog. As you can already add up in your head, this eBook will more than pay for itself with that first trip from UPS or FedEx.

My experience in the corporate sales and marketing world has allowed me to see massive success in a very short amount of time. Ramp up your learning curve and maximize your success rate by purchasing Ramped Reviews. It will be the smartest step you have taken into the pro review blogger process.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to Justin Shattuck and the crew over at Just The Web for their help with the design and editing of Ramped Reviews. They are the best for a reason!